Review: Blue Microphones Spark Digital USB and iPad

USB microphones have matured over the past few years, and Blue Microphone's Spark Digital is proof that you don't need to compromise when it comes to looks and audio quality.  
Connect the Spark Digital to your iPad, iPhone or Mac/PC.

Connect the Spark Digital to your iPad, iPhone or Mac/PC.

The mics coming out of the Blue Microphones labs certainly set themselves apart from the crowd with their fresh and distinctive appearance. The Spark Digital, a cardioid, solid-state condenser microphone, is no exception sporting a royal blue cylinder body and retro-mesh mic head. This sturdy mic is certainly easy on the eye but how does it perform in the studio?

Out of the Blue

Out of its rather large box, I discovered the Spark Digital was as carefully packaged as it was designed. Included are a setup booklet, shockmount stand, a smart bag for the mic and USB and 30-pin (for iPad and iPhone connectivity) cables. Bear in mind if you want to hook it up to a new iPad you'll need to purchase Apple's Lightning adapter. Blue informed me they are working on a Lightning cable for Spark Digital though the adapter solution worked just fine for me.

The inclusion of the well-designed, desktop shockmount stand is a nice touch. It took about 45 seconds to insert the Spark Digital in the mount and there are instructions in the handbook should you require any assistance. The shockmount stand has a rubberized base and suspends the mic in a way to reduce those pesky vibrations and low-level frequencies that may threaten a good recording session. If you wish to use your existing mic mount, a 'traditional'

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Hi Rounik,

Very nice review of Spark Digital microphone.

My question is this: Apogee MiC or Spark digital from blue? The price is the same.(199$)

I have heard very good things about both of them.
I know it depends on the work that I need to do, but which one its better with recording instruments?

What about recording podcasts, voiceovers... Etc

Here are the links:

Best regards,
Hi Leonard,

Well, this is a hard question to answer. I reviewed the Apogee MiC here:

You know there's not much between them. They both sound different. I'd say the MiC is flatter and if anything lacks a little bit of low-end. So, it's great for instruments and vocals.

The Spark Digital adds a bit more coloration, which I liked, but some may prefer the more neutral/natural sound of the MiC.

You know, both are very capable mics. The Apogee MiC is smaller and a bit more portable, but both would do the job well in a studio, and both connect to iOS and Mac.

I've currently got the Spark Digital in my setup, and don't have the review unit of the MiC any longer, so I'm not able to do an accurate side-by-side test.

Hope this helps ;-)

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