Review: Bitwig Studio

We've been playing with Bitwig Studio 1.0 for a long time (see AskVideo's 3 Bitwig Studio courses published in sync with release!) and it's a special DAW. Find out why in this review.  

We've all been waiting so long for Bitwig that there was a danger it would become the stuff of myth and legend. But after what seemed like an eternity, a final release date was revealed at NAMM '14. 

So now that Bitwig Studio 1.0 is here and available to the masses, the key questions are: does it live up to the hype and has it been worth the wait? Let's take a look at the big picture here and find out.

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The Bitwig Concept 

After watching the Bitwig saga unfold over the last year or so, I have to say I was pretty excited to get my hands on the software. I was lucky enough to get it early so have had a decent amount of time to become familiarized with the whole package. 

In a few interviews I've heard, the guys from Bitwig say that they are huge fans of a variety of DAWs and that they wanted to take the best part of every app out there and combine into one product. 

Bitwig 1.0 in all its glory.

Bitwig 1.0 in all its glory.

They went on to say that Bitwig not only combines these choice features but offers a true '

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Great write-up Mo. Any thoughts as to why Bitwig didn't opt to offer a slight price break for purchase of the DL version vs retail box a la Ableton?
Mo Volans
Yep they may have missed a trick here but I guess the thinking is that most people will opt for the download anyway. We get to save trees that way ;)
Yeah that's what we needed another DAW. I use Logic Pro X and it's half the price. And if I wanted something like this I would go with Abelton Live. Sorry not at all impressed. I can't see anything that would make me switch.
Mo Volans
So you'll be buying it then?

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