Review: Audiofile-Engineering Triumph, Mastering for Everyone

Outside of your DAW, there's not as many options available for mastering music as there used to be. Matt Vanacoro delves into Triumph by Audiofile Engineering to see if it fills the gap.  

Ever since the introduction of Logic Pro X and demise of WaveBurner (R.I.P.) there really hasn't been a standout in the world of mastering software. It's a tough area to make a splash in as many users simply utilize their DAW of choice to master or work in a 2-track audio editor such as Adobe Audition. Standalone applications specifically dedicated for mastering have been scarce in the last few years, and that is why when Audiofile Engineering announced the release of Triumph, the mastering world took notice.

I'm going to forewarn you right now, the rest of this review is coming from one very happy audio engineer. As much as I want you to read the entire article, I can't help but advising you, if you do any mastering, sampling or 2-track audio editing at all, to stop what you're doing, go to the App Store and download Triumph right now. This application is the real deal and it's THAT good. I had been using my DAW to master for so long I had forgotten what a convenience it is to have a program specifically dedicated to the art of mastering and stereo audio file editing. I love this program, and after only a week with it I can't imagine my workflow without it.

The Interface

Pic 1

The interface is laid out in a wonderfully convenient manner, and it's easy to see what effects you're adding to your entire project, (collection of audio files,) as well as effects that you're adding to single songs. There is little to no clutter and the focus is definitely on your effects or '

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