Review: Arturia Wurlitzer V

When Arturia's Wurlitzer V software instrument became available, G.W. Childs took it for a spin. Find out in this review why he gives it the big thumbs up!  

I'll be honest, I've lost touch with Arturia over the years. Not because of any deficiencies in their work, whatsoever. There are just a lot of virtual instruments out there, and the tide of innovation swept me in a different direction. So, when I got the chance to review some of their new work, I genuinely jumped at the chance. I own the Minimoog V plug-in of theirs and it's brought me nothing but satisfaction, I thought it would be cool to see what they are doing right now... 

Boy, have they come a long way!

Arturia have always been known for making really, really accurate instrument recreations in software form. In fact, they are known for painfully accurate, even down to cosmetics, sound nuances, etc. With the Wurlitzer V, they've pushed it even farther. Seriously, they really thought of everything, as you'll see as you progress through this article. 

The Basis Wurlitzer Sound

First off, before I talk about any of the bells and whistles, the sound of the Wurlitzer is completely kept intact. It's warm, it's moody, and it instantly adds '

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