Review: Apogee Jam 96k

The original Apogee Jam was a breakthrough device for iOS musicians, it allowed guitarists to record cleanly and digitally into the 30-pin port. How does the newest iteration measure measure up?  

The Look

The front of the Apogee JAM

The front of the Apogee JAM.

There's no doubt that Apogee did a lot more here than just upgrade the cable. When you first open the box you'll be treated to the bright glare of a pretty sweet chrome look. The body is now nickel plated with a durable UV finish. It doesn't feel like an iOS device. It truly feels like a professional compact audio interface. This is no surprise, because that's exactly what the Apogee Jam is.

The Feel

"Apogee paid attention to detail when designing the Jam 96k. It feels considerably more sturdy in the hand thanks to the nickel finish."

Holding the Jam 96k and the original Jam in your hands really makes you appreciate how much attention Apogee paid to detail when designing the Jam 96k. It feels considerably more sturdy in the hand thanks to the nickel finish. The single gain knob is constructed well, and it stays in place with no wobble or '

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Thanks for article! I had a question and request as a musician who already owns the 44.1 kHz model. Did you also notice a slight ground hum when hooking up the 96khz model to a MacBook Air ? Judging by the date of this article, you must have used GarageBand 2 on Mavericks.

I did find the review useful; I'd like to request a short recording of the same track recorded on the two models. I do value my 44.1 kHz, but something tangible in addition to your review would really give readers like me an idea of whether to upgrade to the 96 kHz model.
Matt Vanacoro
I did not notice a hum with either model unless I was not connected to a device with a solid, reliable ground. I don't think the switch to 96k will fix a hum issue, what you will notice is a bit more clarity and bandwidth - particularly with the higher end of the sound spectrum. If you're having an issue with hum, I'd check the cable first, then the ground of the power supply for your computer, then your instrument itself. Usually, one of those three is the culprit! Good luck!!

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