Review: Heavyocity AEON Collection

Heavyocity are back and this time with something bigger than before: The AEON Collection. In this exclusive FIRST online review, Toby Pitman puts it through its paces.  

When Heavyocity release a new library, you know it's going to be a bit special. They pretty much redefined the benchmark for creativity in Kontakt sample libraries all the way back from their EVOLVE series to their percussion-based powerhouse Damage back in 2011.  

Now in 2013, Heavyocity are back with the AEON Collection. This comprises two new products called AEON Melodic and AEON Rhythmic both powered by Kontakt 5 Player. These can be purchased separately or together for a discounted price. 

The AEON collection in all its glory.

The AEON collection in all its glory.

This time AEON places the emphasis on purely melodic content providing over 300+ sampled instruments (AEON Melodic) and 300+ melodic loops (AEON Rhythmic). There are also some nifty new creative features in each of the products that will take you way beyond the supplied presets, and I mean way beyond!!

So before we get going I'll say one thing... If you like Damage you'll find AEON a close companion. While the content is melodic, the sonic vibe is definitely coming from the same place as Damage, which makes the two libraries very compatible. 

Getting Started

The AEON Collection is pretty big. It comes in a 14 GB download via the Continuata Connect application. Just paste in your download code and choose a destination. Once the download is complete (mine took about 40 mins on a 40-50 Mbps connection) just launch Kontakt 5 and add the libraries. Activation is taken care of directly inside Kontakt without the need to open the Service Center.

pic 1

The library contains 28 GB of content (the lion's share taken up by AEON Melodic) which is compressed to 14 GB (via lossless compression) on disk and contains around 10,000+ samples recorded at 24 bit/48 kHz.

AEON Melodic

AEON Melodic is broken into 6 folders:

  • Aeon Hits: Single-shot impacts and tails.
  • Hybrid Instruments: Organic and synth sources combined to create unique and evolving textures and instruments. 
  • Organic Instruments: Deep sampled, multi-velocity, round-robin instruments. Here you'll find individual instruments, multi-layered instruments, and unique ensembles. 
  • Synth Instruments: Sampled analog modular and digital synths.
  • Organic (Arp) and Synth (Arp): These presets all utilize the new Arpeggiator in AEON.

All categories bar the AEON Hits feature up to three distinct layers that can be tweaked using their own Amp Envelope, EQ, Filter, Level, Pan and Tune controls giving you plenty of scope to create new variations. There is also a Global LFO to control the filters.

pic 2

Each Instrument features a set of Master effects comprising of Delay, Mod (Phaser and Chorus), Reverb, EQ,  and Distortion. 

There are also the familiar Trigger-FX (found in all Heavyocity products) comprising of Distortion, Lo-Fi, Filter, Panner and Pitch Mod which can be triggered via keyboard notes F6 - A6 for performance based effects. 

Each Trigger effect now features its own sequencer which can be accessed via the Advanced switch and allows you to modulate each of the main FX parameters.

pic 3

There are also two extra FX, namely Twist and Punish that are found in the Main tab. Twist is a frequency-based effect that adds some movement to the sound by modulating the bands of a 3-band EQ and can produce an almost vocal like effect, while Punish (made famous by Damage) adds a combination of Saturation and Compression to dirty up the sounds.

pic 4

All this adds up to some serious tweaking and sound shaping potential! And while you're limited to the sample sets in each instrument the ability to blend up to three channels in each and layer these with other instrument patches inside Kontakt gives you a wealth of tonal and creative possibilities.

The palette of sounds is fairly diverse in AEON Melodic and I'm not sure you can put it into any sort of pigeon hole. It features a great set of Synth patches that cover a lot of ground while the Organic patches feature things like Fretless/Upright Basses, Tuned Cowbells, Bowed Glocks and Crotales, Dulcimers, Dobros, Banjos, Harps, Pianos, Organs, Wurlis, Cellos and Tankdrum. There are also many combinations of layered instruments too.

The Hybrid patches are a combination of Synth and Organic instruments while the AEON Hits are fantastic one-shot Tonal FX.

But it doesn't end there!! Each Instrument comes with a sophisticated Arpeggiator that can be found in the Advanced Performance page.


The Arpeggiator can be used to create regular arpeggiated patterns that you'll find on most synths. It can also however be used to create complex melodic patterns using the Pitch lane very much like a step sequencer. Besides pitch, you can also create sequences for velocity and note length which adds lots of creative power.

pic 5

You also have the ability to 'Chain' up to eight 16 step sequencer patterns to create fairly long (128 step) and complex rhythmic and musical phrases. There are a number of presets available with the option to save up to 25 user presets. Heavyocity have included some nice edit features for copy/paste and resetting lanes which is handy! There is also a simple Amplitude sequencer that can be triggered via notes Bb6 - C7.

The Organic (Arp) and Synth (Arp) Instrument patches use these to great effect and really have to be played to get the full scope of the Arpeggiator's features. Really powerful stuff!

AEON Rhythmic

While AEON Rhythmic is only about a gigabyte in size, it packs a big punch! The library is split into 5 folders:

  • Menu Suites: Provides menu style presets of tempo-synced/beat-sliced loops. 
  • Single Loops: Contains over 330 single loop patches. Quickly modify and remix a loop using Drag & Drop MIDI or Loop Mutator.
  • Three Loop Combos: These are made of 3 individual loops, carefully picked and combined into single presets.
  • Menu Suite (Arp) and Single Loop (Arp): Utilize the all-new Loop Mutator.

AEON Rhythmic is all about melodic loops. The layout is very similar to the AEON Melodic instruments with all the Master FX and Touch-FX and so forth.  The loop content ranges from gentle organic phrases to bone splintering synth madness! There are three main types of instruments: Suites, Single Loops and Three Loop Combos all of which have different sample mappings.

Suites are collections of Tempo Synced melodic loops mapped across the keyboard. It's easy to mix and match and there is a set of Key-Switches (C-1 - C#1) to tune the loops to any key at the low end of the keyboard.

Single Loops allow you to play the full loop in any key using C-1 - C1 and then there is a set of Key Mapped Slices from C#1-E6. You can use the Advanced Loop page to manipulate the Tuning, Level and Pan of each slice as well as Drag & Drop a MIDI file of the loop to your host.

pic 6

The Three Loop Combos have three (obviously) loops mapped across the keys in two octave blocks. There is also a 3-way mixer on the main page.

There's plenty of ways to tweak the loops but you'll have the most fun using the new Loop Mutator!

Loop Mutator

The Loop Mutator works a bit like the Arpeggiator (it has all the same features) but instead of dealing with pitch it's used to trigger Loops (in Suites) or re-sequence Loop Slices (in Single Loops). It's a lot of fun too! The Menu Suite (Arp) and Single Loop (Arp) patches are all presets based on the Loop Mutator.

In Suite mode the 'Loop' lane effectively offsets the loop to be triggered based on the note you're playing. You'll notice the Menu Suite (Arp) patches give you the base note for the sequence (say C2). Saying that if you play another note you get another completely different sequence which is cool. 

In Single Loop patches, the Loop Mutator sequences offset 'slices' based on the note you play. As you also have velocity and length to play with, it's quite a powerful tool for remixing the loops. You can retune your sequence using the tuning key switches as well.  

Loop Mutator

The Loop Mutator really adds a new dimension to single loops, and combined with all the other sound shaping features, should keep you going for months, possibly on a single loop!!!


The AEON Collection has a lot to offer to anyone in film, TV and game composition as well as most contemporary music production styles. The instruments, while eclectic in choice, are really playable and sound stunning. The loop side of things is another ball game altogether with an insane amount of tweak-ability and variation to be had.

Here's a quick demo of AEON in action that I quickly put together (drums by Damage obviously!) so you can get a feel for it. 

I can't cover every single feature here but take my word for it AEON is a monster and I can see myself using it a lot. Very creative and highly recommended!!

AEON weighs in at just $399. AEON Melodic is available separately for $299. AEON Rhythmic is available separately for $199.

Discover more about AEON here.

Add a comment below to have a chance to win the inspiring  $399 AEON Collection.

The Heavyocity AEON Collection in all its glory!

For the past 20 years Toby has worked as a professional guitarist, programmer and producer. Clients include Sir Paul McCartney, George Michael, Shirley Bassey, Yusuf Islam, Giles Martin as well as the London 2012 Olympic Ceremonies. He has also worked extensively in TV, Advertising and Film. As well as composing himself he has also ... Read More


I like Loop Mutator! I think with this I can create a different piece of work on the fly!
What excites me most? The whole thing!
Looks and sounds awesome and inspiring!
Loopmutator seems like a pretty sweet tool. Makes it easy to manipulate stuff.
The mutator is the most interesting piece for me.
Totally want this. Definitely could create some crazy melodies with this. I've been looking for a good vst for quite some time. Def want!
Aeon sounds quite refreshing! There is a cool blend of influences crafting a fantastic product DNA full of "subtle inspiring melo-rhythmic energy". Not as brutal and devastating as Damage, not as ethereal as the Evolves. Yet pushing the boundaries in between.

Presentation is fantastic, lovely interface, contemporarily classy (lol), I really dig it.

Great complement, awesome job Heavyocity Team!
This is so cool. I cannot wait to get my hands on it. I'm so excited to use the melodic samples in my music.
What excites me most about Aeon is the respect Heavyocity has earned from me. I read this review and enjoyed it, but Heavyocity products have been so amazing that I don't need to know anything about the new ones other than when can I buy it and how much.
Gary Hiebner
Gosh, this looks crazy! I'm excited to hear the Hybrid Instruments. And maybe to try some of the FXs with it.
I've been using Evolve for awhile now and AEON sounds like a quantum leap!
David Baron
Love The GUI and it soinds great!!
Stephan Prime
Wow, this look like another crazy product! I imagined your next product like this! Stop to make good stuffs like this or i will have to find a second job :)

Nice work!
Stephan Prime
And i forgot to say what's excite me the most is the loop mutator combine with the arp: very good idea!
While Evolve and its mutation counterparts are still great, I always try to mangle them (I don't like using unedited samples in my music). So, in order to do that, I'd utilize other programs such as transfuser in Pro Tools.

That being said, I am most excited to try out the Loop Mutator. It sounds a bit like transfuser. Hoping to chop and skewer with further ease!

Lastely, the sounds from the demos sounds GREAT! Can't wait to pair them with Damage.
I'm also interested in the loop mutator, but a close second is the arpeggiator and its step lane feature.
What excites me the most about AEON is that it is made by Heavyocity! A must have!
Igniting my creativity once again!
It teams up with my creativity so I can make better music
So much of what these guys do becomes a staple in so many productions, this will be no exception!!!

Can't wait to hear the sound combinations they've created with this one, as well as the effects!!!!

Magic Fingers
I've been a big fan of Heavyocity since hearing about Damage. As a keyboard player using Logic/Mainstage and Machfive 3, I'm most interested in Twisting & Punishing every Organic Instrument available via the AEON Melodic Folders. Having a dedicated Arpeggiator (Did someone say Pitch Lane?) with velocity and note length control definitely raises the bar!
Jared N.
What excites me about Aeon is how easy it seems to take these already inspiring sounds and manipulate them to my liking. That's how I like my plugins; simple to use to get monstrous, blood pumping results. This is going to change how epic music is made.

Thanks for this one guys.
Methadrone Muzik
Aeon is another fantastic contribution from Heavyocity. Damage and the Evolve Series set the standard for intricate compositions, extreme rhythms, and cinematic soundscapes. A must have for any producer!
I have recently gotten into Heavyocity products through NI Ultimate. What amazing stuff they make! This may well be my next purchase!
I'm most excited about the diversity and depth of this powerful instrument
I just listened to the demos and read about Aeon. The demos sound GREAT. I'm exited about the tweakability of the sounds, trigger effects are great fun and very effective :-) to mess around with (know them from Evolve Mutations 2).
Ashanti Scott
EVERYTHING ABOUT AEON is gonna be DOPE!!!, the loops the ARP sequencing, man!, I can't wait until it drops!!!, the possibilities are endless!!!, I've needed a tool like this the WHOLE TIME I've been producing music!!!... this will take my production to an even HIGHER LEVEL!!!....can't wait to play with it!!!....
LOVE LOVE the Heavyocity stuff!! Most excited about the Mutator.
Ido Rivlin
I never knew it but It's exactly what I wanted my entire life!!
It's the melodic version of Damage which is great sounding, cutting edge ideas executed beautifully by a talented team.
Job well done!
This is awesome! Can't wait to get my hands on this!!

I'm excited about every detail in this versatile monster! I'm especially excited about the Mutator, the Hybrid Instruments, and the many possibilities for altering the sounds and loops :)

Also loving the GUI!
The best sound quality!

Damage is the beginning of a new way to work with your DAW.

Now, we can entirely redefine the sound! AEON shows us all the possibilities to create or "punish" your ideas!
But with style, please!

I'll be crazy and spend my time in front of my computer for a long, long time..!
Dave DeLizza
Gonna say the loop mutator. Every Heavyocity release should be a national holiday.
LOVE their other stuff. AEON definitely has that Damage vibe.
Aeon seems to incorporate a ton of my favourite fx into one instrument, and makes each of them work seamlessly together. Especially love the playability of the sounds, the ability to morph on the fly...
i use both damage and evolve, and they have found there way into every production i make, from full music compositions to voice overs. So excited to see how Aeon will make its way into the mix...
Michael Ormond
Wow, just wow! What isn't there to be excited about! Fantastic review of Aeon. What excites me the most about this product is the diversity that it adds to the composers toolbox in one package. It has so many features and elements, along with the quality of samples that are included, make this an indispensable and go to tool for every project. Heavyocity has really raised the bar with this one.

I know I will be using this in my projects in the future, the question is how soon can I get this ;-)
Nice looking arpeggiator among other things. Velocity sequences sound powerful. All looks nice, though!
N-ew compositions
Way better than the thin, done to death samples I find in other collections. Exactly what I've been searching for. This would help make my Logic studio really shine even more!
I don't have many sounds for my DAW at the moment so the whole of this AEON collection excites me! The audio sample you put together sounded so lush and deep. Very nice quality! I should imagine you could make some beautifully melodic, evolving experimental music with well adding some very interesting rhythmic parts to existing tracks to liven them up!
The user interface looks clear and intuitive - a must for someone like me! It looks like you'd be up and running (or tweaking) in no time.
I have never tried anything from Heavyocity, so thank you for bringing this to my attention with this review. I will add the collection to my 'I would really love this' list!

AutumnKat :-D
The Punish and Twist Knobs excites me the most about AEON ! :D
What excites me most about AEON is the wide range of unique sounds and knowing that Heavyocity always does a good job and gets even better with every release.
Wow :) I love this project so much and I will use it for my productions, cause it's just bombastic. It makes goosebumps --> and thats the most exiting thing of all!
This entire package is incredibly inspiring. Everything from Heavyocity is such serious quality and this appears to be no exception! Very excited about the modulation and FX possibilities but really just most excited about that library of sounds compiled and produced by such a quality outfit!
This is a great tool and just thinking about "Twist and Punish" makes me wish I had it.
Nick Scarcella
Heavyocity sets the bar high when it comes to Kontakt Instruments. The design of the pages is pretty much flawless and from the videos about it the sections (filter, LFO, EQ) seem to work very well together. I've used DAMAGE and thought it was very well put together and the recordings were phenomenal! I do wish Heavyocity made their own synth, I would love to see what they could pull off. But for now this is as close as we can get and I'm very excited to try it out!
Keith Stacey
I recently scored my first feature length film and Heavyocity's Evolve was a lifesaver. I used it on every track. I'm excited about anything Heavyocity creates, and it sounds like they've out-done themselves with Aeon.
Frank Murphy
There are a Couple of Things that excite me about this product:

1) Heavyocity always releases a Great Sounding Product that makes me Wonder "How do they Make these Great Sounding Patches". LOL. Their Evolve Mutations releases we an Audio Rollercoaster of Great Sounding Samples that Really created a Dark Dramatic Soundscape that Always intrigued me.

2) Since they have a Great track record of Creating Top notch Synth sounds in the past then: IM BEYOND EXCITED TO HEAR WHAT THEY HAVE COME OUT WITH NEXT!!! Thats the thing with Good Soft Synth Companies: Theres always a High level of Anticipation like I have when I make a Song or a remix for a PArty and I wish I had new sound palettes and Effects tech like this New software provides.

If I won this contest I know for a fact that Id lock myself in my apartment for a week just on a Sound Exploration expedition. I really hope I win!! (My fingers crossed)
What excites me the most about AEON? Like always with Heavyocity, the possibility to rule the world!
Kevin Fox Haley
What excites me the most about AEON is the possibility to create unique new sounds and rhythms for Movie Trailer Cues!!!
the organic arps will be a game changer for our studio especially in the upcoming game project we are on that will announce at Comicon!
I still do not own any Heavyocity products and I've heard so many good things from friends about Heavyocity that I've been saving up to buy Damage and Evolve. Now that I've seen the set-up and heard the demo for the Aeon Collection, I'm sold! I love the fact that GUI is large, and looks very classy (love the organic elements mixed with modern touches). The exciting part for me is able to create more involved synthesis and since I'm a tweak freak, I love the fact that I'll be able to play around with the 3 different layers in Aeon Melodic. In Aeon Rhythmic, the Loop Mutator looks like tons of fun and the fact that I'll be able to continually create something new like offset the loop or change its tuning based on a single loops is incredible. So many possibilities - I'm extremely excited and cannot wait to get my hands on this new collection! Thanks so much.
Daniel Akzinor
Heavyocity has had me hooked since Damage. The quality of the product combined with ease of use to quickly produce epic sounds that evolve are what keeps me coming back for more. Once again they have done it with Aeon it appears and I can not wait for my own copy.
William Anthony
I am most excited about the new melodic and rhythmic sounds that come with AEON. Also the Loop Mutator concept sounds totally awesome. I can't wait to try it out and let the creativity flow!
I'm most excited about the vast possibilities of creating deep and surprising soundscapes for films.
You guys did it again! Another grand slam!
I'm most excited about the loop mutator and also the fact that Heavyocity produces the highest quality of sounds that never disappoint.
Heavyocity is a great company, I use Evolve Mutations 1&2 often and AEON sounds like it will be a welcome addition to my studio. Keep up the good work!!
Totally killer sound!
Pasquale Satchell
It is difficult to choose one thing.. Both Aeons excite me. I own all the other Heavyocity products. I love their products more than libraries that cost significantly more. If I had to choose, I would say all things related to arpeggiation and twisting loops excite me the most.
looking forward to the loop mutator
Aeon seems to be like an updated version of Evolve and Damage all in one product. I really like the audio quality of the library. But if I had to choose one thing that excites me the most about Aeon, it would be the Loop Mutator. I can see endless possibilities with its usage!
I wrote a long comment here but it doesn't seem to have sent it. Anyway, I really like the audio quality of Aeon. But what excites me most about it is the Loop Mutator; I can see endless possibilities in its usage!
Herbert Wallace
I'm most interested in the Loop Mutator and the hybrid sounds. The whole package looks great!
The new instruments sound really exciting. Glad they didn't make a loop-only library.
I have been using Evolve for several months and have been waiting for a product like this to compliment it.
What excited me most about AEON is its EPICNESS!!!
Gilberto Santiago
AEON establishes HEAVYOCITY in conjunction with Kontact as the most prominent Creative software manufacturer for the modern producer.

THANK YOU HEAVYOCITY for Exciting me with EVERY PRODUCT you guys put to the market.
What I look forward to the most is everything. The product as a whole is amazing. Just what you would expect from Heavyocity.
Loop Mutator looks great. I have all of the Heavyocity libraries (minus Aeon) and love love love them. Use them constantly.
Eric Ameres
I am extremely excited by the melodic possibilities of working with Aeon. The sounds themselves are amazing, and that arpeggiator !!!! I can hardly wait! I own all the other Heavyocity products, and it sounds like they've done it again!
Steven Utley
Twist and mutate look very nice indeed !!! Unlimited creativity, for sure !
AEON seems to have the best from Damage and Evolve with lots of refinements...and more and more to discover...
The mutator looks great - allowing more creative looping.
Isaac George
I own Evolve and Evolve 2, and this is so fresh and inspiring, I'd love to get my hands on it. The Loop Mutator and Arps are fantastic, but from listening to the demo tracks what really impresses me is the overall quality and musicality of the sounds. Absolutely drop dead stunning!

I'm hearing all kinds of new possibilities with AEON!

Five Stars guys!
Austin Haynes
I'm excited to see Heavyocity releasing a new product. I liked Damage a lot and can see high quality sounds for melodic purposes are in the collection this time around. I am hopeful that I can win this :)!
Michael Holloway
I'm most excited about the collection of multi-sampled hybrid instruments contained in Aeon: Melodic. Heavocity create truly unique instruments and I can't wait to hear what crazy synth+organic samples they've created and put to use in these new instruments sets.
What excites me most about the Aeon collection (and Heavyocity's other releases) is having sounds that go beyond basic synthesis or emulations of old hardware and demonstrate the sonic richness that modern music tech can deliver.
Christos Andreou
Heavyocity. THE company that raised the bar by providing THE most original sample libraries for Film/TV/Game composers and the like.

AEON raises the bar even higher offering an outstanding sound spectrum and a whole new musical universe for the modern media composer. Absolutely killer Kontakt Interface and pristine sound quality. Simply load a patch and unleash the 'beast' within. It's Awesome, Extraordinary, Outstanding, Nubigenous... It's AEON !
Alex CS
Every Heavyocity product is amazing and I use a lot in my compositions.

And AEON looks amazing!

ST Music Production
The demos from the Aeon Collection are totally sick! I'm so excited to get my own copy of this stunning music production sound library. I own Evolve Mutations 1&2 and having used those products over the years, I have fallen in love with the enginuity and virtually unlimited control that goes in to Heavyocity's products. You guys rock!!!
What makes me the most excited about AEON? A few months back I bought Damage. I don't even know where to begin when talking about Damage.. I was looking for some epic drums but Damage exceeded my expectations in more ways than I can even fathom. When I heard Heavyocity had a new product coming up I was immediately excited. Today when I first noticed its release I was truth be told a little disappointed in it being a melodic instrument. After I checked out the audio previews from it and read the review here on MacProVideo those feelings were completely turned around. Not only do I like this product now but I feel that I MUST have it. Damage gives off a certain kind of atmosphere and it was exactly the kind of atmosphere I wanted to work with. AEON synergizes completely with that same atmosphere and appears to deliver more than anyone could hope for. I just hope I win this competition because it may be a while until I can afford it xD
The Arpeggiator and Loop Mutator look great. Sample based sound libraries are great, but they only really come to life when you tweak and glitch them to be unique for your own compositions. The inclusion of much more powerful tools like these inside Aeon really moves this beyond Damage, Evolve and Mutations which I already love.
The Damage like interface is great innovation for Kontakt Libraries, and i love the quick access to single parameters and overall ones.Aeon's Arpeggiator looks stunning with step sequencing for quick melodic themes and motifs. Like the effective Punish knob,. the Twist knob sounds like a must :) .and The Mutator looks like a big upgrade to possibilities! well done HC
This looks pretty sweet. I guess I'm most interested in the melodic content with all it's modifiers... arpeggiators, punish and twist knobs. I will be following this one closely.
Michael Roth
Looks very clear and easy to navigate, and the sounds are all good - -also the Arpeggiator looks great too - hope to work with one sometime soon -
I think Heavyocity raises the bar with every new release. I'm still using the original Evolve library, and finding new sounds in it. Aeon's arpeggiation controls definitely stand out to me as the most exciting feature. Can't wait to try it.
Chris Irish
If it's half as good as Damage is gonna be a awesome! Hoping I can pick this up soon.
The SOUNDS! Plus Loop Mutator. Awesome!!
Ciarn Birch
After Damage and Evolve, This is the follow on everyone's been waiting for. So excited by the possibilities Aeon can give composers!
What excites me the most about this Aeon Collection. Is not only the wide range of sounds this will be capable of making. It's the attention to detail of the VSTs. I hope I can be the lucky one to get a hold of this, I'll no doubt get inspired by the sounds this collection has to offer.
I'm excited the most for the level of Control over EVERY LITTLE THING they implemented in this evolution of Evolve and Damage! Outstanding work!
I am most excited about the many ways this library is able to be even further tweaked
And mutated, using the awesome Kontakt interface provided!!!!!!

Amazing sounds. I must say that I really like the Twist and Punish knob.
I'm an Arpeggiator head. I love that you guys have how you guys have made your arpeggiator so vintage. The parameters look so cool. I'm gonna enjoy tweaking on this baby. I love the punish nob on Damage. I glad you guys kept it on Aeon.
The thing that excites me the most about AEON is first off the price! Which is easily doable and the amount of content you get in it and of course THE SOUND!!! The sound of AEON is mind-blowing! Once again Heavyocity does it again!
This could take my music projects to the next level!
I love how accessible each parameter is in the interface and the sounds are amazing the combos even more amazing, They are very intuitively creative.
Andy Warren
I've been loving DAMAGE. AEON looks great. I especially appreciate there being organic and hybrid instruments (in addition to synth sounds). Looks like a great GUI!
The sounds are hot.
I am a trailer/epic music composer. We all know how important the sound design is on these types of tracks! I am not a sound designer, I am a composer, but products like this can make you sound like a "sound design pro" just using the presets out of the box! it is amazing! and in the other hand, I am sure it is going to be a great tool to get inspiration, just listening to some of the presets (video review) you want to jump in on the project and write some nice brass section behind and some strings staccatos lines! LOL. Thanks!
Evolution, the nature of the universe.
very excited !
the library sounds aweseome and there are endless tweaking possibilities with Kontakt and scripting. this should really be a great purchase
loop mutator and those FX are a great feature
Chase B
I ecstatic for the arpeggiator and loop mutator! These two things are extremely cool! They will create some great synthetic ostinatos.
Sing Ern
I already own the damage library and hope to get my hands on Aeon too! Loved the sounds and loops from damage! Additional melodic loops to my library will be awesome!!
Chris of BlueHaven Productions
I own everything that Heavyocity has made up til now, but this Aeon program is really what I need the most for the kind of music I make, I love the "Melodic" program the most... so great sounding... i NEED it! but $$'s are SUPER tight right now (might even lose our house), so I really need to win a free copy of Aeon so I can make some killer music, sell it, and make some house payments... your software is GAME CHANGING!!!
Meena Shamaly
I'm really excited by the sampled instrument combinations, as well as the tweakability included within the GUI. I'm also excited because this is a Heavyocity product, plain and simple.
swamp man
I own Damage and this is the perfect mate for it! My mind is spinning already with the infinite possibilities this will bring to the film, tv, and gaming world. Yeah baby!
Heavyocity is one of the best developers out there, and what I love about their other products is how quickly and easily it is to take an existing patch and make it your own through FX and manipulation. Having this ability on melodic instruments is very exciting, and what I look forward to the most in this instrument.
Chris of BlueHaven Productions
I really need Aeon, so I can rock this planet with the best sounds by Heavyocity... the "Melodic" sounds are so beautiful!!!
uli a owner of damage and evolve +(m1+2) I know that the quality of the sounds will be perfect- now I cant wait for listen to them at home and put them all together!
As an existing user of Evolve and Damage, I'm very excited to see how I can use Aeon in combination with the other Heavyocity instruments to create some cool soundscapes, interesting music and some hybrid alt metal / ambient songs! I like the sound of the twist and punish features a lot!
Chris of BlueHaven Productions
I need the Aeon Collection, love the Twist knob!
Matthew L. Fisher
The sheer amount of sounds this thing has is amazing to me! I also love the punish knob feature and the arpeggiator looks sweet as well!
Xevi Castell
The interface is very very cool !!!!!!!! Amazing sounds and total control, great product!!!!!!!!
What incredible sounds... organic yet other-worldly! You have another hit with this one!
What totally thrills me about AEON is the combination of the Heavyocity sound with all the sound generation and manipulation possibilities that it offers. The Effects look delicious. I cant wait to get my hands on it. After using Evolve Mutations for a while, i dont have any doubt that it will surpass my wildest expectations !
Mr Fork
Amazing versatility. Incredible sounds and effects. All in all amazing stuff.
What excites me most about AEON is that it comes from Heavyocity! I use Evolve and Mutations 1 & 2 in most of my compositions, and trust Heavyocity to raise the bar and redefine sound with AEON.
There's a lot to love to here, but the Loop Mutator and Trigger-FX sequencers really look like great creativity tools.
I have both Mutations libraries and love the shit outta them. Aeon piqued my interest as soon as I saw it on the Heavyosity website the other day. Not because I had heard it yet, but because every single product this company releases kicks ass.

Having listened to the audio demo's and reading this review, I gotta have it!! It is incredibly difficult finding software synths, loop libraries or sample libraries that fit with or are tweakable enough for the music I compose.

I love mangling everything and firing up the fx racks to plunge each track into soul crushing mayhem. Complex drum and percussion tracks driving dark and modulated bass patches with blazing synths and destroyed organic instruments interweaving through the mix with power crunch guitars and aggressive haunted vocals.

Heavyocity always knows exactly what I like. So many other products are so focused on typical genres that I am always left scraping the 'cinematic' barrel trying to find the right material.

Good luck to everyone.
George W
Love the Loop Mutator and Arp.
Everything by Heavyocity is amazing and I'm sure this new release will be too! Both the melodic and rhythmic collections sound great, but I'm most excited about the loop mutator, I think it would be a lot of fun and very interesting to explore.
Matt Mann
Stunning! I really like the fact that there are 8 x 16-step arppegiators. I also really like the effects. Those two things alone would make this an amazing sounding synth...but I have to agree with the others that the Loop Mutator is brilliant and lends itself to some awesome experimentation!
Michael Roy Johnson
Seems like with every release from Heavyocity things just keep getting better and better which seems quite difficult given the quality of past releases but the Aeon collection is going to be a definite purchase for me.
DC McAuliffe
I'm using 'Evolve' in every project I'm involved in. I'm excited to add 'Aeon' to my setup!
Having this tech to inspire new melodies with alternate sounds for my film-score work is exciting! The loop stuff is awesome.
man, i LOVE the sounds Heavyocity creates and the arpeggiator and loop mutator look like they are a blast! Would love to add this to my productions!
As always from these guys, this is an inspiring, exciting, good sounding product!
Using "Evolve" a lot... this sounds like it will add whole new worlds to that soundscape!
the loops will definitely give inspiration when composing music for films!
Clelson Lopes
A mazing
E ffective
O utstanding
N ever-ending
Love the evolving rhythms and melodic textures of AEON!
Trent R
Deep, powerful... what's not to love?
Raphael D
Can't wait to use it on the new feature movie I'm working on, looks, sounds and reads GREAT!

AEON sounds like the perfect set of sounds for media work with evolving loops for games and new timbres to substitute for standard orchestral composition. I wanna hear it!
Big fan of Heavyocity. The audio demo got me hooked. Great compliment to my Komplete 8 and Cinematic Strings. Great suspense pads and drums for TV work.
Does anyone own this yet? Is it as awesome as everyone is saying?
Always loved the Heavyosity line, and especially fond of MASSIVE and really want to hear the new synths/instruments in Maschine.
Chris of BlueHaven Productions
AEON = Awesomely Evolving Omnipotent Nuclear-fusion!!! and I NEED a free copy ASAP! :-)
Chris of BlueHaven Productions
AEON = Awesomely Evolving Omnipotent Nuclear-fusion!!! and I NEED a free copy ASAP! :-)
The whole thing sounds fantastic. This is high on the list of must haves.

After playing with "Damage" at a friends studio I must say that an addition to such a great product in the first place is DEFINITELY exciting! I love mangling audio and am anxious twist and destroy with this one!
Loop Mutator!
Im a sound nut. I'm really obsessed with it. I carry my portable field recorder with me everywhere I go and then spend hours and hours seeing what I can pull from the sounds I capture. I would LOVE to mess with any of these programs.
This looks interesting.. I like the new arpeggiator features.. Damage is very useful..
The entire package provides so much latitude that the possibilities are almost infinite.
The Loop Mutator looks like it will add a lot of juice to the creative process!
Wow! I remember the Heavyocity survey we all did, a while back, asking what we'd like to see next!

I know what I asked for. You guys did it, and it's freakin' amazing! I own all your other packages, and this one fills the gap between Damage and Evolve perfectly .

Just great guys! Love it.
Amy Beauchamp
All of Heavyocity's products have one underlying philosophy - flexibility, innovation and sonic greatness. AEON is yet another sonic milestone that's in the same line of auditory mastery as EVOLVE and DAMAGE. 2 big thumbs up for the Heavyocity team!!!
HEAVYOCITY has always done a great job with creating useful and interesting sound design/creation tools.
I fell in love with EVOLVE/MUTATIONS, then DAMAGE took them to a whole new area.
AEON looks like they have taken the best of both worlds, put them together in a super cool lab (cue Theremin) and given us another great and innovative resource to create with.

I am looking forward to many lost days exploring the sounds that can be made.
Max Max Higginbotham
The whole thing sounds incredible. I am especially excited for the Melodic instruments and the twist and punish FX. This plugin is something entirely new!
The arp with the layers; gives me a lot of ideas!
I'm relatively new to sample libraries, but after reading about Heavyocity AEON and listening to the sample recording I have to say that I'm impressed!
Sounds like everything a person could want from a sample library...
Nick T
I must say I am really impressed by the amount of tweakability the product offers. Apart from the sheer amount and diversity of sounds and the quality, the guys at Heavyocity have managed once again to raise the bar as to what the Kontakt engine can do.

Tweakability, diversity, innovation; Exitement, thy name is AEON!

I most look forward to this one day being a part of NI Komplete! :-) Looks AWESOME!!
Heavocity is my go to library when I do use Samples. Damage is one of the most innovative tools for Kontakt. I am so excited to see AEON the power behind it proves to be a must have for producers of all genre and productions.
A great way to capture your emotions without the hassle of having to compose all the elements (and lose your inspiration and emotion whilst you do it).

I love these tools, the more, the better.
Ricardo R
The music in it !
AEON speaks to that little voice inside me ;) the one that says just play!
Jordan Sears
After using Damage over and over again, I'm beyond excited to check out Aeon. It's tough to think of something more powerful than Damage, so I can't wait to get my hands on this.
William Staab
An awesome array of sounds with an uncompromising easy of use...a must have for any type of composer!!
As usual with Heavyocity ..just mindblowing
Sam Wale
Since purchasing Evolve Mutations and Damage I've used Heavyocity sounds in almost every track I've produced. Absolutely perfect for all kinds of trailer music, no other library comes close. I can't wait to try out AEON with my next track!
The demo video looks awesome. The loop mutator sounds excellent and the sky is the limit with the arpeggiator options! With the functionality and inspiration of all things Evolve and Damage, I can't wait to get my hands on this beast!
oh man... with that much of features and sounds on it, I could go to bed felling like reznor and wake up like powell!!
The possibilities inherent in such a large library of deeply sampled, organic patches excite me.
Travis Simon
Whats excites me? The whole thing looks and sound awesome. So many uses for this program, would love to have it!
As a teacher, composer and film score enthusiast I love the soundscape possibilities AEON now brings to composition. I could finally make the sounds in my head a reality (and get my students to have the same creative experience). When my students write scores in Sibelius, I could run this through each track and really create some extraordinary sounds. Please pick me!
What excites me most is having a very well matched set of instruments to use with Damage. I've been very impressed with Hevyocity's products and look forward to using more in the future,
I most look forward to using AEON to write new music for my band AeonSatori!! It's like it was meant to be....
Wow, this looks simply AMAZING. I am currently writing my compositions on an Open Labs NEKO, with tons & tons of vst's, but this looks like something that would get some constant use and seems to be what I've been searching for quite a while. I write music for film & tv & most of my income comes from licensing.

• The Twist & Punish knobs look like a blast!
• Proper usability of the program seems to be very user friendly without an extensive learning curve.
• The Loop Mutator combined with some outside effects could get pretty powerful!

This looks like one of the funnest collections I've seen available!!!
Anastasia Devana
All the tweaking options look amazing! Especially excited about the arpeggiator!
Just because of the fantastic names these people give their products! Hevyocity, Damage, Aeon... They're wonderful. As are their products. I'm just a poor boy, so I could not afford them. :(
Heavyocity products always feel extremely original to me. So inspiring and mind-blowing stuff!
im excited about anything from heavyocity
Honda of America Mfg., Inc.
This would go great with my copy of Damage interspersed with Evolve. The Loop Mutator sounds especially cool.
I've got to have this soundset. If I don't win it, I guess I'll have to buy it. But it's a must have.
Francis 7
I have Evolve & Damage. Looking forward to adding Aeon
Everything about Aeon excites, especially as it comes from Heaviocity!
AEON sounds amazing and the Arp function seems to bring a lot of creativity !
I am most excited by the Advanced Arpeggiator. The mangling of time signature, note subdivision and glide of melodic and rhythmic phrases will be an inspiration.
I fear I may enter the studio and not be seen again for an Aeon.
wow - cool. I didn't realize until reading this that Aeon was mostly about melodic stuff. I have the other Heavyocity stuff and i can finally see how this would be a big addition.

Phil Robinson
Excellent review! The all-new 'Loop Mutator' is what excites me most - Heavyocity loops have always been amazing but this means endless possibilities.

Damage and Evolve were mind-blowing so I'd love to see how this compares!
Lucy P
Amazing demo track! The new Hybrid Instruments are what excite me most.

Can't wait to try out Aeon and show the world that girls can make awesome trailer music too ;)
cant wait to use this synth and play with that arpeggiator
Marko Zirkovich
I have Evolve and both Evolve Mutations and totally love the Heavyocity sound. There's a ton of sound-mangling options in those "old" libraries and I've barely scratched the surface of what's possible with them.

And now those guys add even more wicked stuff like the Loop Mutator - I'd love to win a copy, like everybody else commenting, I guess. ;-)
I'm quite enthusiastic about Damage and Evolve Mutations, and the variety of sound sources seems to have broadened further in Aeon - the demos sound fantastic. - Can't wait to try it!
Always wanted more melodic material from Heavyocity, they finally answered!
Adam Clements
I am most excited about the endless possibilities this fantastic looking and sounding beast from Heavyocity offers to productions of all genres.
Heavyocity always makes interesting sounds and this looks like it will be no exception. And I always have a fondness for twiddling shiny knobs and seeing what happens.
Vasco Barbosa
It's very powerfull and sounds more organic. Simply perfect.
Marc Glen
Looks awesome! Especially the loop mutator and arpeggiator options.
The way this box will redefine my inspiration sounds awesome!
Matthew stringer
I first knew of Heavy Velocity with their Evolve series. The types of sounds were fairly unique but the quality was far above that I'd heard before particularly at that price point. I've been a big fan since and used them on several projects. I've been waiting for something like this ever since but they've massively outdone themselves with the scope of sounds and control that they're offering with this new set. Listening to the new demos its massively obvious that they're on to another winner and I'm massively excited about the prospect of using this on a new project. Well done HV!
it's about ingenuity. Heavyocity offers intelligence and fun in one!
I think the extended gamelan sounds are fantastic. Look forward most to actually playing and manipulating them.
i still didnt hear it how it sounds but it looks so beautiful and very Pro!
For me when i use a plugin of any sort, If the GUI is appealing i find i am able to be more creative because the more comfortable you are using any software or plugin the easier things are for you. And i love the look of the AEON gui, it is beautiful, and very user friendly, and again the easier something is the better it is for workflow, so this is a win.

For me though the Hybrid patches is the best feature, at the end of the day its all about the sounds :) and judging by the demo the sounds are amazing, the combination of Synth and Organic instruments are just wow.

I really really can't wait to get my hands on this gem :)
The GUI looks neat, the sounds sound very tempting and the rythm parts seems tweekable enough to be usefull, and it is feature rich. Seems like one more reason to upgrade from Kontakt 4 to Kontakt 5.
According to legend, Helen of Troy had "the face that launched a thousand ships". Well, for me DAMAGE was "the vst that launched a thousand songs" (Kinda corny, I know, but also very true). It really lit a fire under me like no other "single instrument" had ever done before.
Aeon is gonna do the exact same thing. What excites me the most is the way you will be able to take loops and truly make them your own. The versatility of Aeon looks (and sounds) amazing.
Miquiel Banks Tampa FL
What excites me about AEON?

You mean, besides the epic name for such an Epic Instrument?

Heavyocity changed the game with Evolve, then EVOLVED themselves with Damage, but now they've taken their sounds to the next level with Aeon.

For me, coming from the world of Hip Hop, this is my chance to enter other realms of production and songwriting. I'm able to join Frodo and his ring, swing high above the world with Spider-Man, race through the Amazon with Indiana, live through an encounter with a Terminator, and finally explore the Tech-Savvy world of The Matrix.

Everything I need to go off on tangents and possibly return to this world at some point in the future, the AEON COLLECTION will be my aural landscape and prophetic hovercraft to the stars.

We'll talk when I return.

See ya next orbit,
Miquiel Banks
I can't believe I made it through the whole thing (and it took me a lot longer than I thought...) I think I deserve an applause, even if you don't share any of my opinions. AEON geez
I am so excited for this software. everything else they have released has been amazing and very easy to use. Keep up the great work. I cannot wait to get my hands on this. We have some really cool music coming thanks to you guys.
Nice instruments with a strong potential advance in sound-design. Best wishes.
David Rosen
i've been in love with Damage for a while now (used it a bunch on my upcoming album, as well as in a lot of film and game scores I've worked on) and Aeon seems like it will be an awesome addition to my collection!
What excites me?

First of all, anything Heavyocity always has me interested because of the combination of quality and playability, and this does not disappoint. The ease with which you can customize, chop, tweak, and twist the sounds to create something unique every time you play it is unbelievable. The arpeggiator is definitely worth the money alone.
Steven Burciaga
I'm always looking for new instruments & sounds to implement into my production to give me that edge. Heavyocity always does just that for me!
I've been following Heavyocity's products for a while now, and they never fail to impress. Each instrument they put out seems to be just as epic as the last, and that seems to ring true with AEON. I think I'm most excited to see the loop mutator and how it works. Can't wait to get my hands on this product.
What excites me about Aeon is the prospect of a synergistic melodic companion to Damage.
In the survey I indicated that I would like to receive some more melodic/tonal stuff from Heavyocity. So what excites me most about Aeon Collection is its feature packed melodic part:)
What excites me most about AEON is that once it is configured properly, in conjunction with Damage, I believe that I will finally be able to establish contact with the aliens. This IS the final piece of the puzzle.

Please allow me to make contact. They are waiting for my broadcast.
Jit Leishangthem
The Arpeggiator looks sick. Cant wait to try it out. Wish Heavyocity could allow the collection as a demo download.
Sour Note
Aeon = Inspiration

There are so many ways to be inspired by this product from the pristine & unique sounds to the intuitive workflows. I'm not wasting time trying to figure out how something works or making it sound better. If I am tweaking, it's because I'm inspired to see what else this powerful software can do. Everything is perfect just the way it is...
Contest Results are in! We used a random number generator to pick this...

And the lucky winner of The AEON Collection is...

**drum roll**



DC McAuliffe!

We'll be contacting you shortly with details on how to claim your awesome prize :)

Congrat, man. Post what you done with it. Happy comping.
DC McAuliffe
Woo Hoo!
Hi DC McAuliffe!

I sent an email to you on the 23rd April. Please could you check it hasn't gone astray :-)

We'll need you to reply to that email so we can give you your prizes:
- Heavyocity AEON Collectin &
- Online Subscription

Thanks! :)
DC McAuliffe
I'm afraid I did not see the email. Would you resend?
Thanks so much!
Hi DC,

I've resent it. If you still don't receive it please check in your spam/junk folder and make sure that any addresses are not there.

... we don't want to be there ;-)

You can also contact us directly via our Support area if you still don't receive it.


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