Review: Alesis iO Dock II

Who needs a computer anyway? With an iPad and an iO Dock II, Alesis reckons you can do things differently'¦  

Alesis was one of the first manufacturers to turn its hand to making a dedicated pro audio docking station for the iPad and the first iO Dock was well received. Time and technology move on of course, and now the company has come up with a second revision, designed to account for changes like the new Lightning connector format amongst other things. 

A quick recap

Since the release of the original iO Dock, much has changed in iOS world. Most importantly, an increasing number of audio and MIDI interfaces are becoming 'universal'

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Those are some truly dealbreaking cons listed. The lack of ability to power USB devices is huge–the majority of MIDI keys don't include AC power, it typically must be purchased separately. I'm curious as to why this (and the Air sizing issue) were omitted. They both seem like significant factors that would have justified delaying the production of the Alesis iO2 in order to include. Honest review Hollin. Cheers.

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