Remotify Makes Creating Ableton Live MIDI Remote Scripts Easy, Free, Dynamic & Browser Based

If you've been relying on the built-in MIDI mapping engine to map controls on your MIDI hardware to parameter in Ableton Live, there's another way that can be even easier and more flexible, Remotify.  

Mapping your MIDI controller in Ableton Live may not be a painful experience at all... but there are ways it can be improved upon. At least according to the folks behind Remotify. They've come up with an intuitive new way to write MIDI remote scripts for Ableton Live inside your browser. It acts dynamically so any changes just happen as you make them and you're not required to write any code either. 

There is a PRO version with many more features that costs $57 for lifetime access or $9 for single-month access, otherwise the version we're talking about is free... so get trying it out!

Here's the press release from Remotify and the video below showing it in action and explaining how it works: is a revolutionary new web app that gives you the ability to create your own dynamic MIDI remote scripts within Ableton, for your MIDI controllers ­ without needing to write a single line of code. 

Ableton’s built in MIDI mapping engine is great for simple one­-to-­one mappings but is fairly limited in its functionality. We at Remotify believe live performers and studio producers alike, require a tighter integration between their hardware and software which they can custom build themselves. 

Using our simple graphical interface, you’ll have access to a variety of advanced and complex functionality within Ableton, giving you the ability to integrate your MIDI controllers in ways previously not possible. 

There are no limits to the number of mappings you can create so you can endlessly edit and refine your MIDI remote scripts. Plus, there's no need to re­map everything each time you open a new session in Ableton, as MIDI remote scripts instantly work. 

Note: We are concerned about the pronunciation of "Ableton" in the video ;)

Using Remotify, you can create mappings for: 

Mixer Controls 

Access the full range of Ableton’s mixer parameters: volume, pan, mute, solo, arm & sends 

Device Controls 

Set mappings for the 8 device parameters of the currently selected device Navigate to the next and previous devices in the current device chain Bank up / down through sets of device parameters 

Transport Controls 

You have access to stop, play, fast forward, rewind, record, loop on / off 

MIDI Learn 

No need to waste time figuring out what MIDI messages your MIDI controller sends out. Just press the button / turn the knob you want to use for your mapping and Remotify will automatically detect it and insert the required values 

Import Scripts 

Scripts built with Remotify can be imported back into the app where you can continue editing and creating ­ This allows for continuous refinement, sharing and collaboration 

Script Management 

We have options to make managing your script easier
Advanced filtering: filter by any value in your mappings i.e. mapping name, type of mapping or even channel number
Reversible ordering: order by any column I.e. A­Z or Z­A 

Control even more with a Remotify pro account at $6.39 per month (paid yearly) which includes all of the above free functionality plus: 

Session Box (The Red Box) 

Create your own session box for clip control with customisable height and width. Also add mappings for scene launch, track stop, stop all and session box navigation 

Highlighted Track Control 

Create a dynamic script to control the currently highlighted track and navigate left / right between tracks 

Mode & Shift 

Create groups of mappings on up to 6 separate modes and switch between them using shift & mode activation buttons. Allowing you to give each knob, button, pad and fader on your MIDI controller multiple functions. 

Move to specific devices (i.e. device number 3 in the current device chain) or to a specific device number on a specific track. 

Plus, more transport controls: nudge up, nudge down, tap tempo, punch in, punch out, metronome, overdub, tempo control, tempo fine control, song position control. 

Try now for free and do more with your controller. 


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Junger oufant
by comparison, isotonik's preditor does not need a subscription nor an internet connection.
So if you're going to compare this versus isotonik product then let us not mince words…
I for one have yet to try remolder, but just from the descriptions of these products there are some very distinct differences.

One the other product is based on controlling their own scripts which are based on their own " header file:" whereas this product seems to create the script code without the need for their own script baae... meaning this will script any device where the other product will only modify their scripts, and consequently will only work with devices that isotonic already has a script for.

two there is also a one time fee for the other product, bypassing their subscription similar to isotoniks.

Three if you want to compare prices realize that you have to buy an isotonik script, then buy their scripting editor therefore the prices of the two are very similar.

I for one after having some issues with isotonik scripts overloading my processor I am excited to take a look at this product because isotonik is not as good as it's cracked up to be .
Hi auralincarnation,

You are correct in that PrEditor as a comparison isn't a direct one albeit there are similarities, it is after all an extension to our own scripts and comes with additional ones provided for the Push and Push Two.... As such, the price for PrEditor is inclusive for those controllers...

Also PrEditor allows you to create your own maps of how parameters are AutoMapped rather than just being tied to how Ableton themselves feel them best organised...

With regard to your final note please also get in touch through our support option on the website, we pride ourselves on our support and have yet to help anyone who has had "processor problems" with one of our scripts, we'd love to work with you to understand how that is even possible! We'll of course have to validate your purchase in order to assist you...

Darren E Cowley - Isotonik Studios
I tried this and it was an ok interface, but the resulting script simply didn't work at all with a Midi Fighter Twister. Also, to do anything interesting you need to pay a lot of money.

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