Remix Contest: Songwriting with Ben Sollee and Erin McKeown and, WIN Neumann Mic [CLOSED]

Win a Neumann TLM 102 microphone (worth $700 US) in this MPV SongCraft Remix Contest! Simply log-in/sign-up for FREE, download stems, remix & submit before end of July 31st, 2013.  

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Steve H. Publisher
This is a great song and an amazing mic! Am I allowed to join in the contest? Please!!
Steve... ha! Good try, but this contest isn't open to any MPV employees ;-)

Would love to hear your remix though...
Steve H. Publisher
Ok. I quit (for a week). Anything for a chance at that mic!
What tempo is it?
Hi hummersallad,

The tempo is 105 BPM.
i had a great time remixing this track. thanks for a great tune to work on.
Ben Arthur (SongCraft)
Thanks for the kind words, all. It was a pleasure for us, too!
Ryan In5omniak
Fun piece to work with. Thank you for the opportunity!
hey macprovideo, this contest is open for french country too ?
Hi kaoko,

Yes! The contest is open for everyone!!

ok thanks ;)
Are we limited to one remix or can we submit multiple mixes?
Hi rickmebe,

Ideally, yes. One remix submission per person.

Hi Dave,

What do you mean by "lyrics?"
I think they would like a written copy of the lyrics.

And thanks for the multiple submissions, Rounik. Allows us to do a "standard" mix and then another creative remix which is nice.
Hi !

We've discussed this with the DubWays crew and multiple submission are ALLOWED!

Enjoy remixing :)
Bill McFadden
Hi Rounik,

Can we add additional instruments, such as percussion?


What's the key to this?
Hi Bill, yes you most definitely can! Your remix can be as similar or different to the original as you choose. Use any instruments, loops, sound fx, voices you wish!

Enjoy :)
Hi rickmebe,

That's an interesting idea. We might do something like that for the next SongCraft contest...

No problem! Enjoy remixing this song :)

Sorry, I missed your comment yesterday...

The key of the song is G major.

Good luck :)
Could anybody please post the lyrics? I'm not native English speaking and find some parts hard to understand. Thank you!
Hi matde007,

Ben kindly provided the lyrics:

The sound of metal under strain
The rising grid, the swelling plain
A match struck in a darkened room
And I'm blind

My arm is hurting on the train
The yarn left on a dwindling skein
The blood still thrumming through my veins
And she's gone

No, no, no

Used to be so hard to see through your mind
You could have told me, I'd have listened
You could have held me,I'd have stayed
The least you could do is pretend.
Thank you!
Narada Sauti
Hope you enjoy! Thanks!
Has anyone noticed that 75 percent of the entries are people combining the stems to make the original song?
Hi Alex,

That's fine too... a remix can be literally re-mixing the original song... or a complete overhaul of the song structure, instrumentation and style...

It's completely up to you which type of remix you wish to create :)

I see; thanks for clearing that up. There sure are a wide variety of mixes in there!
Julius Kazlauskas
Hi. NEUMANN TLM 102 black or silver ? :)
Hi Julius,

It's the silver version :)
Steve H. Publisher
I withdraw my remix. I thought it was gold plated.. :(
Julius Kazlauskas
Xe xe xe :) Platinum :)
Julius Kazlauskas
This model no Großmembranmikrofon. Only 1 kg platinum imitation
Clinton Beacher
Good fun.

On my first listen through, the song screamed a specific story at me.

I tried to use what I was given to make that story.

I think I succeeded.

Hope you like it!
Greetings...quick question...
31st July Midnight means today midnight PST (in 18hrs) or tomorrow midnight? o_O
Hi! Unfortunately I missed the deadline by some hours. When will the next competition be held? This was very fun, learnt a lot!

When do the results come out?
Hi dagovitsj, sorry you missed the deadline :(

Next contest will coincide with the next SongCraft video course release... a few weeks away I think.

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Hi mainmp,

The judges are going to start listening to all the entries and carefully pick their favourites. We'll announce the result in the comments here and in a new post as soon as we know :)

Thanks and good luck!
Kunaal Gurbaxani
Hey Rounik,

Any idea when the results will be out?
Hi Kunaal,

The latest info I've got from the artists via the Dubways crew is that we may have the results around the 22nd August...

As soon as I get them I'll publish them here at macProVideo :)
Good luck all! Personally i really enjoyed this one :-)
And the Remix Contest results are out!!

Find out if you won here:

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