Remix Contest: Bend Sinister - WIN $1800 Music Gear Prizes [CLOSED]

WIN the $1,800 Toontrack Superior Bundle in the latest MPV SongCraft Remix Contest! Simply log-in/sign-up for FREE, download stems, remix & submit before end of January 31st, 2014. [CLOSED]  

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Let's roll! =)
Julius Kazlauskas
What's BMP tempo ?
Im in ! Thumbs up!
I'm actually trying to figure out how to download the stems?
I can preview everything but for the life of me I can't seem to download
Hi Quintviskup,

You need to have (and log-in) to your SoundCloud account - which is free. Then visit this page and click on the "Download" link in Step 1 above :-)
Contest ends Midnight PST, January 31st, 2014.. so, after 00.00 is the 31, does it ends now or at 23.59 of the 31?
Hi Giano,

the later... that is: 23.59 on the 31st Jan (the last day of January).

Good luck!
thanks! and, another thing: i'm working with a laptop and its internal audio card... sorry, i don't have money, but a lot of passion!
how much can the quality influence the final decision?
i'm asking because i don't even know the purpose of the remix, apart from the fun and the prize.. maybe the winner could send his track to a professional studio for mix/mast after the contest?
giano I've always been using integrated audio card & it doesn't matter which card you're using, what matters for the quality is how you'll mix your track!

If mixing is awful not even best audio card would help you, coz I have mates who makes such an amazing tracks on shitty speakers & integrated audio cards!

Plus if you don't have a monitors & just have a common speakers or headphones you simply don't need audio card apart from simple integrated one!

P.S. Never say that you're sorry that you don't have money, mate!
Ben Arthur (SongCraft)
@Giano: I'd say that quality does influence the final decision, but that decision is made by the band, so I suppose if they hear a lot of passion and brilliance through whatever quality issues you may have, they may still pick your track.

At heart this is about enjoying yourself and exploring the music. Don't do it (or indeed, anything) based on the hope of winning, but just for the pleasure of the work.

Best of luck to you, in any case.

I'm concerned about the people who are going to hurt themselves dancing to the remixes of this song. I counted 5 different time signatures. The 7/4 and 5/4 sections might be especially dangerous. Maybe a disclaimer is in order. :)

Haha!! You're so right... ok how does this sound for a future contest to go in the t&c?

10. All entrants of this contest do so on the understanding that any pain or injury sustained from listening to or dancing to any remix posted in this contest in an unusual time signature (other than 3/4 or 4/4) is not the liability of AskAudio Mag or macProVideo or the remixer.

Hey just wondering when the winners will be announced. Cheers!
Hi HiFi8o, winners wil be announced in the next couple of days... just waiting on the band to make their final decisions.

Thanks for your patience & thanks for entering :)
Hi All! The contest results are now in!!

Please visit this page:


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