Remarkable Wireless Speaker Made From Concrete - Here's How It Was Made

When high-end audio specialists Master & Dynamic got together with a leading architect to design a wireless speaker, the results were always going to be impressive.  

Master & Dynamic make some amazing headphones - here's our review - and recently the NYC-based company released a brand new product, the MA770 Wireless Speaker. In this short video, architect and co-designer of the MA770 David Adjaye talks about how this remarkable concrete design came about. Even if the speaker is a bit out out of your price range, the video is still sumptuous to watch! 

Here's what Master & Dynamic told us. 

"Inspired by wide open spaces and the most intimate places, Master & Dynamic's bold and immerse MA770 Wireless Speaker - which debuted in April - is a reinvention of the home speaker. Made of a proprietary concrete composite, the speaker provides exceptional acoustic benefits such as increased dampening, reduced resonance and a purer sound. The MA770 is available at for $1800."

Learn more about the MA770 here

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