Redesign Any Sound Using Sonic Shapeshifting In iZotope RX6

RX6 is a highly capable sound design tool in its own right. In this video, Timo Preece demonstrates how it can be a creative as well as a forensic tool.  

iZotope's new RX6 suite is rightly known as one of the world's best audio restoration and repair tools. But did you know it is also highly capable when used for sound design purposes? In this short 5 minute video, sound designer and experimental musician Timo Preece looks at the process of sonic shapeshifting: modifying specific parts of a sound's spectral waveform to get interesting processing results.

Using noise reduction and other tools on specific frequencies within an audio file, Timo demonstrates how RX6 can isolate, enhance or otherwise completely change the sound of an audio file, from broad and sweeping to thin and precise for example, in ways that are difficult or impossible to achieve using conventional plug-ins. Check out the other videos in the course to learn even more about sound design with RX6. 

Watch the full course iZotope RX6 201: Sound Designer's Toolbox in the Ask Audio Academy here. 

iZotope RX6 201: Sound Designer's Toolbox

It’s no secret … iZotope RX 6 is a cutting-edge audio restoration package. And with some lateral thinking, it’s also a sound designer’s dream tool. In these tutorials, master sound designer Timo Preece shares unique sound creation techniques, tips & tricks to help you transform (or completely mangle!) your audio with RX 6.

Using a variety of tools unique to RX (e.g., the gain module, the Photoshop-like Magic Wand Selection tool or the Find Similar Event feature) Timo looks at creative ways to shape the frequency spectrum of any audio files. Watch him use RX’s spectral processing modules in intricate ways to achieve everything from roaring monsters to warbly pad sounds and supersonic soundbeds. Timo even shows you how to turn RX 6 in a performance instrument ... and record it in real time! After watching this course, you’ll never look the same at the De-verb, De-crackle, De-click modules!

So join musician and sound artist Timo Preece in this inventive course, and learn how to create out-of-this-world sound effects with iZotope RX 6. Watch, listen, open your mind… and be inspired!

Watch the full course iZotope RX6 201: Sound Designer's Toolbox in the Ask Audio Academy here. 

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