Recording Input Types Explained In Under 2 Minutes

Do you know the difference between mic, line and instrument inputs? Joe Albano explains in this short video.  

Understanding input types when recording is essential to capturing a good, clean take every time and avoiding hiss, noise and overloads. In this 2-minute video from the course AudioPedia 105: Recording And Monitoring, Joe Albano explains the differences between mic, line and instrument level inputs - the major input types you will find on any audio interface.

AudioPedia 105: Recording And Monitoring

Explaining that the different input types require different levels of gain, Joe also tells you why they also use different input impedances. He also breaks down the different uses of each of the input types, and in which situations you are likely to encounter them. Check out the rest of the videos in this course for a quick but comprehensive guide to the fundamentals of recording and monitoring.

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