Reason's Europa Shapeshifting Synth - Create Unique Sounds Using Different Voicings

This new course on Reason 10's Europa synth explains all you need to know about the powerful new instrument. Here, learn about the voicing options and how to create fat sounds.  

Reason 10 comes with some awesome new instruments and the biggest and best of these is Europa - a shapeshifting synthesizer that's destined to become the centrepiece of many tracks. Massively powerful, it has tons of options, parameters and controls and though it's not as scary as it may first look, it's always good to have an expert on hand to save you some time! In this dedicated course, Rishabh Rajan gets to the heart of what makes Europa tick. 

This video explains Europa's voicing options: the core of how it builds its sounds. You'll see how to use the variable voicing control and trigger options to change between thin and fat, rich sounds. Switching between mono, legato and retrigger modes as well as using variable portamento can create wildly different effects and playing styles. Explore the other videos in the course to really get to the heart of this great new synth and create some truly futuristic sounds. 

Watch the full course Reason 10 201: Europa Demystified at Ask.Audio | macprovideo | AskVideo 

Reason 10 201: Europa Demystified

Offering wavetable synthesis, FM capabilities, physical modeling and more, Europa is the most advanced synthesizer available in Reason. In this course, sound designer Rishabh Rajan digs deep into this unique and very modern instrument and explains how to get the most of it.

Rishabh starts the course with a detailed explanation of Europa’s signal flow. He then moves to the heart of Europa: the three powerful and versatile sound engines. You learn about the wave section, the modifiers, and how the Spectral Filter does a lot more than filtering. You also discover the extensive modulation possibilities offered by the Harmonics section, and you learn why the Unison section is one of the best available in any soft synth.

Continuing with the course, you also discover the smooth and great sounding filter section, the 3 LFOs and 4 envelopes, the extensive modulation bus section, the semi-modular effects, and more. The course ends with a sound design workshop where you get to apply your new knowledge to create an evolving pad sound.

So join Rishabh Rajan in this course and discover the endless creative possibilities offered by this awesome new Reason instrument!

Watch the full course Reason 10 201: Europa Demystified at Ask.Audio | macprovideo | AskVideo

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