Reason 8.3: Top 5 New Features

Propellerhead have released the latest update to Reason. Version 8.3 has some new features both novice and veteran Reason users will find useful. Here's 5 of our favorites.  

At time of writing the newest update to Reason (version 8.3) was in public beta testing and could be downloaded by anyone to run in demo mode. As well as some tasty new features, a bunch of bugs have also been fixed. Now Reason 8.3 has been released! Here's what's new'

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I can appreciate the update to RV7000 but like the author says here you can barely notice anything has changed on a first look. To me this is the biggest problem with the RV7000 and always has been - a bad UI. But does anyone think the other 4 extremely minor "maintenance" style changes warrant a $129 dollar upgrade? I sure don't.
In fairness this is a free upgrade if you already have reason 8. The fee is for upgrading from 7 or earlier, in which case you get a fair amount of new stuff.

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