Reason 6.5: An Overview

One of the most popular requests by Reason users over the years has been for 3rd-party plug-in hosting. The 6.5 update has delivered just that with a focus on elegance, stability and performance.  

The thing that has always set Reason apart from other DAWs has been its in-house approach to generating and processing sound. But times change, and so does Reason. Where once it didn't record audio, now it does. And remember how it doesn't do plug-ins? Well, it still doesn't, or not exactly. The Reason 6.5 and Reason Essentials 1.5 updates do however bring something completely new and game-changing to the software '" Rack Extensions.

Polar Rack Extension

Believe it or not, you're going to start seeing some unfamiliar modules in your Reason rack'

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