Reason 12.6 is here with native support for Apple Silicon

The latest Reason update, version 12.6, brings exciting new features that improve performance and workflow, including native Apple Silicon support.

The latest Reason update, version 12.6, comes with a range of exciting features. Among these are native support for Apple Silicon and an all-new offline mode, which have been specifically designed to improve performance and workflow.

Apple Silicon Support 

One of the standout benefits of the 12.6 update is the fact that Reason now runs with up to 50% better performance on Apple Silicon computers (M1/M2). While Reason has run well with Rosetta on Apple Silicon computers, this update removes all friction by enabling Reason to run natively on modern Macs, without the overhead that reduces performance. If you have a recent Mac with a M1/M2 processor, Reason 12.6 is an absolute must to ensure you get the best possible performance.

Offline Mode

Version 12.6 makes it possible to run Reason without an internet connection. This feature ensures that you can use Reason wherever you are, without worrying about internet connectivity issues. It's never been easier to get creative with Reason on the go when there's no Internet. Simply log into Reason and you will be covered even if you lose Internet or go offline.

The update also means that you only need an internet connection to install and launch Rack Extensions, and you no longer have to synchronize licenses or be online to use a trial version. Moreover, the technology behind Rack Extensions is impressive, as it ensures that every single Rack Extension runs natively on Apple Silicon, regardless of whether the original developer still maintains it. This is a significant advantage, especially when compared to other plugins that may stop working after an OS update or on a new computer, forcing you to spend time and money on reinstalling or upgrading. 

So, if you’re a Reason+ subscriber, have an M1/M2 Mac computer, or if you just want a more resilient setup, then you should update to Reason 12.6 today.

Already have Reason 12? Start Reason with an active internet connection to update to 12.6 for free.

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