Reaper, Part 8: Arranging

G.W. Childs returns with a tutorial on how to actually build a song in Reaper. Yes, this is all about arranging your track, workflows and more.  

We've covered a lot of territory on Reaper in the last several articles! We've gone over the unique bits of polish that make Reaper unique, we've gone over it's similarities with other DAWs, it's capabilities, etc. It's been fun, and hopefully, we've both learned a lot. 

In this final article, I thought we'd go over actually building the beginnings of a song within the arrangement window. Let's see what Reaper's workflow is like, together. I'd like to show off how similar it's workflow is, in comparison to the more widely known DAWs, but also the bits of polish that set it apart. 

Let's get started!

Step 1 - Laying Down Some Drums!

Normally, when I do a tutorial on arranging in an application, I usually start with a project I've already got going. This time, I decided agains this. I thought it would be cool to start off from scratch in a purely Reaper fashion.

New project

With that being said, I'm going to start with laying down some drums! I'll go up to the Insert Menu and select '

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