Re-amping can lend grit, warmth and authenticity to any recorded sound, not just guitars. Joe Albano explains your options if you decide to go down the software or hardware route.  
wo approaches to Re-Amping: virtual amp sim (top) or real amp (bottom)

In the box

DI via Instrument input (top) or Direct Box (bottom)

Real-world Re-amping

Traditional Re-Amping
Re-Amping with a dedicated reamp box

Back in time

Adjusting a re-amped track to compensate for latency

Not just for guitars

Re-amp for real

Joe is a musician, engineer, and producer in NYC. Over the years, as a small studio operator and freelance engineer, he's made recordings of all types from music & album production to v/o & post. He's also taught all aspects of recording and music technology at several NY audio schools, and has been writing articles for Recording magaz... Read More


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