Realtime BPM-Synced Video FX In Ableton Live Using M4L Device, Rokvid

The kinds of tempo-synced live video effects you see in pro music videos are easier to create than you think. Here's Thavius Beck with a short video to explain how it is done.  

Max For Live is an application that can be used to create and manipulate add-ons for Ableton Live. But these don't just have to be audio devices, it can also work with video, opening up a whole new world of possibilities. And many of the devices are even free! This eye-opening course from Live expert Thavius Beck covers the many ways in which you can use video clips, live cameras and other video data both as input and output signals inside Live. In this short video, he covers the Rokvid device.

Dropped onto an audio track, Rokvid is able to provide realtime video effects on clips that you import. Better still, each of its effects has an LFO that can sync to the beat of your track. So it's possible to synchronise effect changes to your music with a few clicks, saving hours of automation in a video editing program. The kinds of cool beat-synced effects you have seen on pro music videos can now be yours! Be sure to check out the rest of the videos for more on the other cool (and often free) video FX plug-ins for M4L. 

Watch the full course Ableton Live FastTrack 402: Max For Live Video FX at AskAudio | macProVideo | AskVideo

Ableton Live FastTrack 402: Max For Live Video FX

Did you know that you can control synth and effect parameters with your web cam, play musical notes with a video clip, or generate video imagery that can react to your music? You can! In this course, performance artist Thavius Beck walks you through a variety of Max for Live devices (most of them free) specially designed for doing just that.

Thavius starts the course by explaining how to properly download and install the latest version Max for Live, included with Live 9 Suite. Once everything is set up, he reveals how you can display a live web cam directly in Live using a little tool called Cambot. Next, you learn lots of cool tricks such as how to modulate the cutoff frequency of a filter with your web cam, and how to generate audio and MIDI data from a video. You also learn how to record and manipulate the audio result for sound design purposes.

There’s also a whole section of tutorials focusing on creating visual effects with Max for Live devices, where you learn how to automate the playback of QuickTime videos, change their speed, and generate FX that dynamically reacts to the music. The concluding section takes you through other Max for Live devices for creating visual effects without relying on any web cam or video clips.

So join expert trainer Thavius Beck in this 22-tutorial FastTrack course, and take your music and video to the “Max”!

Watch the full course Ableton Live FastTrack 402: Max For Live Video FX at AskAudio | macProVideo | AskVideo

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