Reader Poll: Your Favorite DAW

Do you have time to answer a super quick question? Tell us which is your favorite DAW (digital audio workstation). You'll see the running results after you've entered your answer.  
Choose your answer wisely... once you've submitted your favorite you'll see the results. Check back often to see how they change. 

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Thank you for standing up and representing your DAW!
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Sharon Kathleen Johnson
My Cubase DAW came with my Tascam US800 digital recorder. I've had the time of my life with it.
Cubase is the best!
You guys list freaking Bitwig Studio and don't even include Cakewalk SONAR? How can I even begin to take this poll seriously?
I use a few DAWs. I have Sonar for my PC, Logic, Studio One, Ableton and ProTools on my Mac. Lately every project I start is in Logic. ProTools is great for doing online sessions but that's the only time I use it. Logic is my favorite. Couple the Mac with Vienna Ensemble on my PC and I'm very happy with the combination.
I think it's best to use what works for you, and what you need in your DAW! I use Logic Pro X for all my sequences, and then import my sequences into Cakewalk's Sonar X3, so I can use Sonar on a PC for performing live. You ask why? Logic is by far my favorite DAW, but it doesn't have a Song List Feature, and Sonar has the best Song List player I've seen, and it's perfect for live situations.

P.S. I agree with Elsongs, Ask Audio should have included Sonar!
Seriously, no Renoise? And 'Other' is 6th out of 12? Seems the list should've been longer.
Logic Pro is all I need as far as a DAW. Great with Midi, audio, automation, and i've always found it to be intuitive. But i'd trade it for garageband on the iPhone for great songs

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