Randomize Your Beats With Arturia DrumBrute For Infinite Variation

Add variable randomness to some or all of the parts of a drum pattern to create beats that are fun, interesting and unique. In this short video, Multiplier explains how.  

Arturia's DrumBrute is a powerhouse of drum programming and production, laser focused on making great beats. But even if you have mastered its sequencer, where do you look for more inspiration? Or if you are getting started, how can you kick start your creative flow? In this short video from the course Arturia DrumBrute 101, Adam Pollard shows you how to use the hardware's randomizer functions to generate new and unexpected patterns.

Arturia DrumBrute 101: DrumBrute - Make Beats Now!

Using the randomize functions on DrumBrute introduces unpredictability to three different things: the rhythmic pattern, the on/off state for different events and finally to the velocity of notes. Randomness varies from zero to 100, with the highest value representing chaotic changes!

You are even able to set different randomness values for different sections of the instrument, so it's not an 'all or nothing' technique - actually it can be used with a fair amount of precision. This is particularly useful because it lets you maintain certain parts of your beat with a more regular feel, while other parts are far more varied. Randomisation is fun and useful but it's just one of the many things that DrumBrute can do - check out the whole course to learn everything there is to know about this powerful beat system!

Watch the full course Arturia DrumBrute 101: DrumBrute - Make Beats Now! in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProvideo | Ask.Video

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