Here are a selection of 8 suggestions of tips to try when arranging and mixing guitar parts, both acoustic and electric. Some you might know, and others are less obvious.  

1. Double Wide

Fig 1 Doubling & wide-panning guitars is a common technique.

2. Layer Clean & Dirty

layer clean and dirty

3. Double Up Amps

Fig 2 Running a doubled guitar through different amps can help distinguish the tracks more subtly than just different EQ

4. Ditch Lows for Clarity

Strum guitar

5. Try “Nashville Tuning”

Nashville Guitar tuning

6. Complement Your EQ

Fig 3 Complmentary EQ settings on two guitar tracks

7. Add a Little Mod Depth

Mod Delay

8. Think Front to Back

Fig 4 Front-Back positioning can help add a subtle sense of depth to a mix

All Together Now

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