在逻辑 - 第1部分的量化技巧

Over the coming weeks I'm going to go over some of Logic Pro's quantizing features and hopefully shed some light on some of the more advanced aspects of these powerful time correction tools. Logic's f  

在未来的几周内,我会去一些Logic Pro中的量化功能,并希望一些线索对一些更先进的方面这些强大的时间校正工具的光。


这些工具应该总是被用来恭维,或提高性能 - 不吸从它的生命。在这些技巧中,我主要是处理与该地区的参数,因为我认为他们给你最大的灵活性。

Let's start at the top and look at the values you can actually quantize with!



1 / 192




在任何特定的音乐作品的音符值不会永远只是直值,如1 / 2,1 / 4,1 / 8,1 / 16等一些短语可能包含三重值以及像1 / 3,1 / 6 1 / 12。你选择哪一个将取决于内容的最小的时间值。

  • 8 & 12 - Contains no values lower than 1/8 notes and 1/8 note triplets.
  • 16 & 12 -  Contains no values lower than 1/16 notes and 1/8 note triplets.
  • 16 & 24 - Contains no values lower than 1/16 notes and 1/16 note triplets.

下面的旋律,1 / 8音符和1 / 8三连音等8

[音频ID =“6029”]





[音频ID =“6032”]


下一组值的摆动。 Swing是一个坚硬的东西来定义音乐,尤其是与符号。秋千设置在第8和第16注品种。

Swing的存在,在直线和三重值之间的灰色地带。在音符的情况下,摇摆的'E'和'A'(1 - E -

因为您可以选择多远,你要推(或称“秋千”),这些说明,“秋千”是经常应用的实力。在逻辑的情况下A - F(A是微妙的,女强)。这是通过百分比(认为MPC!)在许多其他定序。

这里有两个循环。首先是量化直1 / 16音符。

[音频ID =“6035”]


[音频ID =“6036”]


The last values are your basic bar divisions. Quarter notes, Eighth notes etc. These are your general purpose settings that you'll use the most.

他们从1 / 1(酒吧)一路攀升1 / 96(三重Hemidemisemiquaver)。

当然,你总是可以通过选择“关”,从地区参数下拉你恢复未量化值。这会给你逻辑最大定时分辨率为3840 ppqn(每四分音符脉冲)。

如果你想永久量化设置,您总是可以选择的地区去的 MIDI


这是一个整体的其他球赛!敬请期待更多的macProVideo集线器,在此... ...,并检查 101 逻辑和逻辑 201教程,超级充电你的逻辑量化的知识!

For the past 20 years Toby has worked as a professional guitarist, programmer and producer. Clients include Sir Paul McCartney, George Michael, Shirley Bassey, Yusuf Islam, Giles Martin as well as the London 2012 Olympic Ceremonies. He has also worked extensively in TV, Advertising and Film. As well as composing himself he has also ... Read More


Victor Mason

Now that is a great word to try at Scrabble!

Thanks Toby, Your Brilliant! Love your Superior Tutorial. I thought I was pretty proficient and I got some great stuff form your tutorial.
Cheers Victor!

Now that would be a high score!:)

P.S. Your amps look and sound absolutely awesome by the way!! Do you have a distributor in the UK? :)
Victor Mason
Thanks Toby, contact me, victor@mojaveampworks.com
Would be happy to help. : >)
hi Toby thanks for the great tips.

Query.. ..
how do you create a quintuplet or poly-rhythms using the midi notes? i tryed selecting a group of 5 notes
in the piano roll window and then applying the 5-tuplet/4quantize.. one note went missing and a interesting spacing resulted. i know is it possible to get the Midi notes to reflect the Score and Vice versa.. .. but not how.

here is my: easter@musicsoundcreations.tv

Hi easter,

You may find that your notes will have to be pretty near the mark in the first place when using n-tuplets quantizing. If they're not you may find you get some funky results!

It could be one of your disappearing notes is hidden behind another?

To reflect the quantization in the Score you'll need to wrap the notes with the ,-n-, symbol from the 'note values' in the Part Box and enter the values you want, otherwise the score editor won't know what it's supposed to do and try write it using more basic note values.


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