Put The Squeeze On Your Tracks With Ableton Live's Compressor

Compression is a core element of mixing, and in this short video, certified trainer Nah Pred shows you what compression does and how best to use it in Ableton Live.  

Mixing is one of the core skills that any producer will need to learn - there's no getting around it! And compression is at the very heart of the mixing process, getting sounds to 'behave' within a mix, stopping them from dominating when they are not supposed to, or being too quiet when they should be audible. In this short video from the course Ableton Live FastTrack 205: Live's Mixing FX, certified Live trainer Noah Pred explains how and when to use Live's built-in compressor effect. 

Noah expains what compression is and how it works, and then goes on to show you a practical example of using Live's compressor to control the volume and dynamic range of a part within a project. You'll learn about controls like Ratio, Threshold, Gain Reduction, Knee and monitoring modes. Check out the other videos in this course to get the lowdown on the rest of Live's mixing effects!

Watch the full course Ableton Live FastTrack 205: Live's Mixing FX in the Ask Audio Academy here. 

Ableton Live FastTrack 205: Live's Mixing FX

More than just a song production and performance tool, Ableton Live comes with all the plugins you need to create professional sounding mixes. In this course, Producer and Ableton-certified trainer Noah Pred takes you through all the mixing devices included in Ableton Live.

Noah starts the course with a look at the Utility and Gate effects, and how you can use them both creatively or to fix audio problems. Next, he moves on to the most misunderstood effect in a producer’s toolkit (and one of the most important): compression. After learning every parameter of the Compressor and Glue Compressor devices, you discover how to do sidechain and parallel (New-York style) compression. From there, Noah dives into the often mystifying Multiband Dynamics device, explaining everything about upward/downward compression & expansion. Continuing with the course, you also learn about the Limiter, Saturator, different EQs, and more!

So sit back and explore Ableton Live’s mixing plugins with Ableton Certified trainer Noah Pred. After watching this course, you’ll know everything about Live’s mixing plugins!

Watch the full course Ableton Live FastTrack 205: Live's Mixing FX in the Ask Audio Academy here. 

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