Propellerhead Rigs 2 for Reason: Mixing, Mastering, Synths + Hours of Video Tutorials

Propellerhead are giving everyone the chance to save up to 80% with three custom-curated Rack Extension collections for Reason, plus you get hours of video training on these free from AskVideo!  

Stockholm, Sweden, February 26, 2016 – Propellerhead Software today announced the Rigs 2 Series, offering updates to their best-selling Rig Series Rack Extension and ReFill bundles for Reason 8. Backline Rig 2, Mix & Mastering Rig 2, and Synthetic Rig 2 now contain over 60 Rack Extension and ReFills including the top instruments, effects, and sample packs made by leading developers such as Propellerhead, iZotope, Rob Papen, Cakewalk, Softube, Korg and more. 

Rigs 2 Series bundles are designed specifically for the style of music you make and include video tutorial lessons from AskVideo (sister site of Ask.Audio!) to help you get the most out of your Rig. Save over $1200 on Rack Extensions and ReFills for the unbeatable price of $299 each, or upgrade from Rig 1 for USD $79. 

The new Propellerhead Rigs 2 series includes AskVideo video tutorial training.

The new Propellerhead Rigs 2 series includes AskVideo video tutorial training.

The Rigs 2 Series includes:

  • Backline Rig 2: Boutique amps, rotary speakers, soulful keys and vintage effect units transport your Reason rack to 1977. Aimed at songwriters looking for playable, organic-sounding instruments and effects, the Backline Rig comes packed with guitars, electric bass, vintage keyboards, drums and vintage effect units, all at a fantastic price.
  • Synthetic Rig 2: Add an outstanding collection of electronic instruments and effects to your Reason Rack. Tailored for electronic music producers, the Synthetic Rig bundle comes with a variety of synths, beatboxes and effects from leading Rack Extensions developers. 
  • Mix and Mastering Rig 2: Perfect your mixes with this super-priced collection of outboard FX gear! With the Mix and Mastering Rig, you get a fantastic collection of high quality studio outboard effect Rack Extensions from leading Rack Extensions developers. 
  • Video Tutorials: AskVideo is part of NonLinear Educating (macProVideo, AskVideo, Ask.Audio Academy) and produce  training on the world's leading creative software and applications. If you're a subscriber at MPVor AskVideo ,log-in to your account now and start watching the new courses. If you're a member of Ask.Audio these 3 new courses will be available very, very soon in The Academy.
AsVideo Rigs 2 tutorial courses

Here's an overview of Predator Rack Extension video from the complete Synthetic Rigs 2 course by AskVideo:

Pricing and Availability

All bundles are available as a direct downloads from Propellerhead’s website.

  • Purchase your Rigs 2 bundle for USD $299 / EUR €299
  • Upgrade from an earlier version for USD $79 / EUR €79  

Reason 8 is available as a direct download from Propellerhead’s website or from an authorized dealer. 

Find out more about AskVideo here. More about Ask.Audio Academy here.

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