Propellerhead Reason 8.3 Now in BETA

Fancy that! Reason & Reason Essentials 8.3 is about to drop and the good folks at Propellerhead are letting early adopters get involved in the BETA version now.  

Here's what Props have to say about Reason 8.3 & the BETA program:

Help us test Reason 8.3!

Reason and Reason Essentials 8.3 will be released in a couple of weeks. You can help us by downloading it, and taking the new features out for a spin:

RV7000 mkII

Explore creative reverb sounds with RV7000 mkII! The new version of Reason's cornerstone reverb effect turns RV7000 into a fully featured convolution reverb. Create your own otherworldly reverb effects by sampling or loading your own impulse responses. A selection of impulse responses will be made available later during the testing.

What to test:

  • Load samples in various ways, including drag and drop. You should be able to use any kind of sample.
  • Does everything sound OK?
  • Save and load RV7000 patches, combi patches and songs (note that 8.3 songs will not open in previous Reason versions!)

Known issues:

  • Preset 2 and 3 are currently empty. Check in again in later versions! 

Browse where you are

Call up Reason's browser from where you work! The new browser introduced in Reason 8 offers a vastly improved workflow, but was previously only accessible from the main window. After feedback from users who use Reason with the rack in a detached window, you can now access the browser there as well.

What to test:

  • Use the browser extensively with a detached rack window.
  • Test browse focus together with detaching/attaching the rack.
  • Make browser settings, save and load songs. Are all settings restored as expected?

Quick Zoom

Move quickly from birds-eye view to close-up. Hit the Z key to zoom to your selection and hit Z again to zoom back out. This is a real time saver when editing and arranging!

What to test:

  • Zoom to Selection button (below track list) + Z key.
  • This functions zooms in horizontally on the selection, or zooms out to "show all" (if nothing is selected or you have already zoomed in on the selection).
  • Test selected clips in Arrange and Edit mode, selected notes, selected automation points, etc.

Set MIDI focus from the rack

Some Reason users spend most of their creative work in the rack view. Now you can select what device receives your master MIDI controller input directly from the rack, without having to go to the sequencer.

What to test:

  • A selected device in the rack gets a tab with a button. Clicking this sets MKI (Master Keyboard Input) to this device. This is the same as clicking on the corresponding track in the track list.
  • If the device has no track, setting MKI in the rack will automatically create one.

Adjust static value in Arrange mode

When you open an automation clip for editing in Arrange mode, the static value for the parameter is now available in the track list. This means you don't have to go to Edit mode to adjust this.

What to test:

  • Test automated parameters on native devices and REs
  • Do all text labels show properly?
  • Does the static value setting behave as expected?

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