Propellerhead Previews Upcoming Reason 10.2 Features

Whlie not being released until 26th September 2018, Propellerhead have decided to preview some of the tasty features you can expect in Reason 10.2. Here they are.  

Propellerhead tells us they've taken onboard feedback from Reason 10 users to help them decide on on some new workflow features.

In their own words, here's four of the new features you can expect in the fully-featured DAW from Sweden:

  • Multi-Lane Edit
  • Adjust Multiple Faders
  • Snap to Adaptive Grid
  • New “Add Device” Buttons

View and edit MIDI across multiple lanes, adjust multiple faders, solo and mute in the mixer at once, snap notes to an adaptive grid based on zoom level, instantly use your controller with Easy MIDI Inputs, jump directly to rack devices from sequencer lanes and quickly add tracks in the sequencer or devices in the rack.

In Reason 10.2 you can now adjust multiple faders.

In Reason 10.2 you can now adjust multiple faders.

These improvements represent our ongoing commitment to your music-making, making it faster, easier and more natural. We continue to listen and learn from you and your needs, further enhancing Reason’s workflow experience. Reason 10.2 will be available as a free update to Reason 10 on September 26th, after some thorough public beta testing.

Meanwhile, work on VST performance is ongoing. The result of this work will be released as a separate free update later this year. The reason it’s a separate release is because the performance work is an extensive rewrite of the inner workings of the program and requires an expert task force.

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