Programming House Beats in Logic Pro

When it comes to creating drum parts, Ultrabeat provides a ton of suitable sounds for almost any musical style. And for programming the patterns? Mo Volans steps up with a House Beat pattern.  

In a previous article we looked at creating a laid-back Hip Hop-style loop in Logic using Ultrabeat. This time around, we are going to follow the same basic process to produce a house beat.

Everything I'll do here will be using the samples that are bundled with Logic, so you should be able to follow along with a standard installation of Logic Pro 9. This is really aimed at the beginner who is new to programming electronic beats.

Step 1 - Loading Up A Basic Kit

Ultrabeat is packed with loads of very cool, usable kits. This is ideal if you are pretty new to Logic and don't have a huge sample library of your own. When it comes to programing house beats, we actually have a pretty good choice here.

I opted for one of the more obvious house kits here called 'Progressive House'

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