Producing Vocals? Here's An Overview Of The Main Pitch Correction Methods You Need To Know About

Taking your vocal productions to the next level, whether you want robotic or natural sounding tracks becomes a lot easier when using pitch correction. Here's what you need to know before jumping in.  

For the modern music producer when it comes to vocal performances there's no need to call the talent back to the studio if there's a slightly dodgy phrase or recorded take. Most DAWs now offer comprehensive vocal tuning features to give you options on how accurate you'd like the vocal performances to sound in your tracks.

This video tutorial from the complete course on 'The Art of Vocal Tuning' by Joshua Carney is essential watching for all producers editing and mixing vocals. It concisely explains the main types of pitch correction you need to understand: 

The two main types of pitch correction are:

Automatic pitch correction (plugins and software that autommatically detetcts how far sharp and flat a note is and modifies it automatically. Think Antatres AutoTune, iZotope Nectar, Waves Tune Realtime).

Manual pitch correction (gives you more control over the vocal tuning and can be more accurate. For example, Celemony Melodyne, Antatres AutoTune Pro graph mode, Waves Tune, Cubase VariAudio, Logic Pro's FlexPitch).

The type of pitch correction you choose can have an impact on whether you want to achieve a more robotic or a more natural vocal performance.

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