Processing Drums With Softube's Classic Summit Audio EQF-100

Can't get hold of this vintage EQ hardware? Alex Solano is here to show you how the software version is just as powerful thanks to Softube.  

Softube makes some excellent plugins, many of which are based on vintage hardware units. In this 6 minute video from the full course Softube 101: The Classic Channel Strips, mixing expert Alex Solano shows you the ins and outs of one of these, the Summit Audio EQF-100. While you are unlikely to ever get your hands on a real one, Softube's version sounds just as good!

Alex shows you around the plugin's interface and explains how to get the most out of it, using various practical examples of applying different EQ treatments for different results. Follow as a drum track is processed in multiple ways to give very different end products. And check out the other videos in the course to learn about the other classic EQ modules in the family! 

Watch the full course Softube 101: The Classic Channel Strips in the Ask Audio Academy here.

Softube 101: The Classic Channel Strips

The course starts with the Tube-Tech PE 1C and ME 1B emulations. Inspired by the legendary Pultec EQ (the grandaddy of vintage “character” EQs!), these plugins can add that extra "oomph" and shimmer to your productions. Watch and listen as Alex gives you a tour of their user interfaces, showing you how to sculpt and mix your tracks to perfection.

You will then discover what makes the CL 1B opto compressor different from other compressors on the market. You'll also learn how you can drive it very hard without destroying the natural characteristics of the music. Alex then explains how to add roundness and punch to a full mix with all three plugins working together on the Tube-Tech Classic Channel.

The course concludes with a tour of Summit Audio EQF-100 full range tube equalizer and TLA-100A classic compressor. Watch and learn as Alex creatively cuts and boosts frequencies and completely transforms a drum track, before driving and fattening a bass track with the TLA-100A compressor!

So join audio expert Alex Solano and get ready to learn and be inspired!

Watch the full course Softube 101: The Classic Channel Strips in the Ask Audio Academy here.

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