Pro Tools Guitar Recording - Getting A Great Take Every Time

Understanding input levels, connection types and impedance is crucial to perfecting your guitar recordings in Pro Tools. Joshua Carney has all the information you need.  

Pro Tools is an industry standard DAW for professional recording and mixing, but it's also fully accessible to producers in home studios and even working on the move. And recording guitars is something that most producers will have to do at some point - some even do it very regularly. In this short video form the course Pro Tools 501: Studio Series - Recording Guitars, Joshua Carney shows you how to handle getting signal into Pro Tools at the correct levels, ensuring a good, clean take every time.

Pro Tools 501: Studio Series - Recording Guitars

DI, or Direct Injection / Input recording is the easiest way to capture guitars since it does not involve using a physical amp or mic - just connect your guitar to your interface. However it does bring with it certain requirements in terms of understanding levels and impedance, as Josh describes in this video.

Explaining the differences between Line, Mic and Instrument levels when recording, Josh goes on to describe the different kinds of connections you may be using to connect your guitars to Pro Tools. He then goes on to discuss what impedance is in the context of connecting instruments to a recording system, and how to avoid problems with impedance mismatch. He even tells you how manipulating impedance differences can help you shape your guitar sound.

For much more, and a complete guide to recording guitars in Pro Tools, be sure to check out the full course using the links below.

Watch the course Pro Tools 501: Studio Series - Recording Guitars in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | Ask.Video

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