Pro Tools - Essential Tools And Features Explained

This short video shows you where Pro Tools' core features and tools live, and how to customise them. Check it out for a fast guide to using this powerful DAW.  

Pro Tools is one of the most widely used DAWs on the market, found everywhere from home studios to the very top industry in facilities around the world. So it's a great piece of software to use, and it's especially renowned for its audio and video editing capabilities. In this short video from the course Pro Tools 103: Recording & Editing Audio Video, producer Joe Albano walks you through the fundamentals of Pro Tools' interface, and explains where to find the essential features you'll use every day.

Pro Tools 103: Recording & Editing Audio Video

Focusing on the main toolbar, Joe highlights which features can be found here including the transport, editing tools, mode options and more as well as the time displays. You can customise their visibiity and order, and use zoom controls to navigate projects quickly and efficiently.

You'll also see how to customise the snap settings, enable the expanded transport options and customise different views of the edit window. So whether you're new to Pro Tools or just need a refresher on where everything lives, this video will tell you! The other videos in this course go into much more detail about many other core skills you'll need for recording with Pro Tools, so check it out today.

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