In days gone by there was a large difference between Pro Tools standard vs Pro Tools HD. Joe Albano explores the features Avid's current powerhouse DAW standard edition can brag about.  
Fig 1 Pro Tools with some of the formerly-HD-only features in use

Narrowing the Gap 

Monitor like the pros

Fig 2 Individual Track Input Monitoring replaces the old Global Input Monitoring option

Solo as you like it

Fig 3 New AFL and PFL Solo options are added to the standard Solo-In-Place

Copy to Send

Be the (VCA) master of your tracks

Fig 4 A VCA Master assigned to a Group of three tracks

Metering for the masses

Fig 5 The Advanced Metering options and Preferences

State of the DAW

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Joe is a musician, engineer, and producer in NYC. Over the years, as a small studio operator and freelance engineer, he's made recordings of all types from music & album production to v/o & post. He's also taught all aspects of recording and music technology at several NY audio schools, and has been writing articles for Recording magaz... Read More


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