Pro Tools 10's Moogerfooger FX Plug-ins In Action

These 4 great-sounding Moogerfooger plug-ins, part of Avid's Complete Plugin Bundle, bring the classic Moog sound to your tracks. Here's how.  

The Avid Complete Plugin Bundle gives you access to a vast collection of classic compressors, EQs, guitar stompboxes, and other powerful effects. In the course Pro Tools 202: More Plugins Explored, expert producer Joe Albano shows you how these plugins work and what they can offer you. In this video from the course, Joe delves into the workings of The Moogerfooger FX plug-ins.

Pro Tools 202: More Plugins Explored

There are 4 Moogerfooger plugins in the bundle, starting with the Analog Delay. All have the same basic layout. Analog Delay is a bucket brigade delay effect, which is especially adept at long, lo-fi delay sounds. The 12-Stage Phaser uses a series of all-pass filters which are swept by an LFO, resulting in the classic phasing effect. As with the other effects, you'll hear Joe demonstrate them in action.

The Ring Modulator offers both LFO and ring mod FX and brings a synth feel to proceedings. Create classic synth FX like vibrato and sci-fi sounds. Last but not least the Low Pass Filter plugin has 2 or 4-pole options and brings the classic creamy sound of Moog filters to any sound you apply it to. Check out the course using the links below for a guide to these plus the many other excellent audio processors you get with the Avid Complete Bundle.

Watch the course Pro Tools 202: More Plugins Explored in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | Ask.Video

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Ummm, darn, I wish these were available in AU/VST for folks outside of ProTools.

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