Pro Tools 10: Adjusting Vocal Timing Using Elastic Audio in Pro Tools

The Elastic Audio features in Pro Tools provide ultimate flexibility (sic) when editing drums and rhythmic parts. Mike Watkinson puts all its modes to the test on vocal performances.  

In the macProVideo Hub article 'Fixing Drums with Elastic Audio in Pro Tools' I introduced the topic of warping: the movement of warp markers and the underlying audio to which they are attached. The focus of this tutorial is on the different symbols that appear when dealing with Elastic Audio, their function, and their relationship to the warping techniques that Pro Tools offers.

As the article mentioned above focused on drums, in this tutorial we shall take a look at a vocal performance, to review the available tools and techniques in a different context. Where previously the task involved moving each transient to the nearest grid line to achieve a more accurate rhythmic performance, this time we shall be using Elastic Audio to adjust the timing nuances of a vocalist's performance, which will involve a more manual and selective approach.

Firstly, the assumption in this case is that the vocal has been recorded to a backing track, so finding the tempo for each section is not necessary. It is of course still necessary to 'Elasticize' the audio.

[This article is equally relevant for users of Pro Tools 9 and 10 - Ed.]

Elasticize the Audio

Elastic Audio is a real-time process, and the way that Pro Tools represents this is is by showing Elastic Audio as a series of plug-ins; for each track on which you wish to perform Elastic Audio-based actions, you need to choose which Elastic Audio plug-in is appropriate. For vocal material this would most likely be the Monophonic plug-in (other choices are Polyphonic, Rhythmic, Varispeed and X-Form'"although this last choice is not a '

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