Price Drop for Mackie DL806 Digital Mixer with iPad Control

Mackie have just stepped up in the area of live sound mixing with a tasty price drop for their Mackie DL806 digital mixer with iPad control. The iOS app is free and the mixer is about 25% less!  

WOODINVILLE, WA, USA - JULY 2014....  Mackie's DL Series Digital Live Sound Mixers with iPad Control have gained an amazing reputation in the world of live sound. Proven at millions of gigs worldwide, DL Series mixers combine the power of a full-featured digital mixer with the unmatched ease-of-use of an iPad. Now, more people than ever can finally step into the amazing benefits of digital mixing. On July 1, the 8-channel DL806 got a significant price drop (25% less in the U.S. market, check with your local dealer for pricing details) making it the lowest-priced professional digital mixer on the market.

Perfect for applications ranging from a corner café with an open mic night, singer/songwriter performances or corporate meeting room installs, the 8-channel DL806 delivers a rich, digital feature set that is infinitely more powerful than an analog mixer. Completely controlled using one or more iPad devices, the Mackie Master Fader™ control app provides intuitive control over tons of powerful processing and mixing tools that only a digital mixer can provide. 

"Just because your application has a lower channel count, it shouldn't mean you are stuck with an analog mixer with limited capabilities," commented Ben Olswang, Mackie product manager. "From wireless mixing to tons of powerful processing, the DL806 delivers much more than you expect for the low price. It's something only Mackie can do."

The DL806 allows complete wireless control from an iPad, iPhone® or iPod touch® so the I/O can be placed wherever is most convenient and the performer or engineer can make adjustments from anywhere in the venue. This is also great for corporate A/V and education installs, since the I/O can be racked away out of sight and users can still adjust levels as needed.

With tons of powerful DSP built in, the DL806 is packed with professional, but easy-to-use tools that will truly elevate the sound quality for any application. With analog mixing systems, there is nearly always the need for external processing like compressors and FX for vocals or bulky graphic equalizers for room tuning and feedback elimination. All of this and much more are built right into the DL806 and instantly accessible from the user's iPad. All eight input channels feature a 4-band EQ, gate and compression. A lush suite of reverbs and delays are included and each output features both a 4-band PEQ and 31-band graphic EQ, limiting to protect connected loudspeakers and alignment delay perfect for syncing multiple speakers throughout a larger venue. All of this would cost hundreds more to add to a traditional system using an analog mixer.

Another powerful benefit of digital mixing is recall. The DL806 is packed with great-sounding presets to cover virtually any application. Novice users can quickly access a large library of presets which not only helps them to get set up faster; it provides an instant starting point that sounds great every time. Plus, snapshots can be used to configure the entire mixer for a variety of uses with just the push of a button. And with the combination of view groups and access limiting, the mixer can be completely customized to show only the controls needed for the task, making the DL806 perfect for places like small bars and corporate settings where the operator is likely to have little mixing experience. Small bars can place an iPad with the bartender for simple music level adjustment as ambient noise levels change throughout the night. For corporate applications, clearly labeled channels for a single mic and video playback volume offer simplicity and safety for novice users.

"Mackie has a strong history of bringing incredible features down to amazing price points. With the new attainable price of the DL806, every basement rehearsal space, corner coffee shop and open mic night can benefit from the power of digital mixing," concluded Olswang.

The Mackie Master Fader Control App is available for free from the App Store on iPad or at this link

The Mackie My Fader™ Control App for iPhone and iPod touch is available for free download from the App Store at this link.

For more information about the DL806 or to find a dealer, please visit

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