Power Up Kontakt With MIDI Mapping And Automation

Quickly assign controllers from hardware or other software to parameters inside Kontakt for more dynamic and interesting sounds. Matt Vanacoro shows you how.  

Native Instruments' Kontakt is arguably the industry's leading software sampler instrument and while many pre-created instruments come in Kontakt format, it has a ton of features that let you modify these, and even create your own instruments. In this video from the course Kontakt 101: Beginner's Guide, Matt Vanacoro delves deeper into this powerful system to show you how to use MIDI mapping and automation to create more interesting and unique sounds.

Kontakt 101: Beginner's Guide

Using the Analog Dreams instrument, Matt begins by demonstrating how to use the Learn MIDI CC Control command to quickly link a physical control on his MIDI keyboard to a knob in the instrument's interface. Moving to the dedicated automation control panel, he shows how each of the MIDI CC number values can be viewed in a list. From here, he shows you how to manually assign any CC to a parameter, so that control signal coming from a DAW or other source can be directed straight to a specific parameter. He explains how this can help you make more dynamic and interesting sounds. For much more on how to use Kontakt in your productions, be sure to check out the full course using the links below.

Watch the course Kontakt 101: Beginner's Guide in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo |Ask.Video

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