Positive Grid Introduces Spark LINK Wireless Guitar System

Ultra-low latency design with hinged input and extended range offers a reliable, cable-free guitar/bass playing experience.

Positive Grid introduces Spark LINK, a wireless guitar system designed to work perfectly with Spark amps or any other amp, guitar or gear. Its ultra-low latency design and extended range offer a noiseless, cable-free playing experience, whether at home, rehearsal, on stage or anywhere. The ultra-compact, gig-ready Spark LINK fits easily into any guitar bag, for use anytime.

Spark Link

Users can enjoy a stable audio experience up to 70 feet (21 meters). Spark LINK uses reliable 2.4G wireless transmission technology and 24-bit/48kHz audio quality across a vast frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz, delivering consistent, high quality performance. A new, proprietary chipset drives Spark LINK’s ultra-low latency performance (less than 3ms) to ensure the player’s dynamic touch and feel are in sync.

Spark LINK offers effortless connectivity and four proprietary channels that can be swapped with a single click. The channels allow multiple players to use their Spark LINKS in proximity to each other at the same time.

Designed to fit every guitar body and device, Spark LINK’s 110° hinged plug ensures a secure and versatile connection. Use it with any guitar, bass, acoustic guitar, or any instrument with an output, such as an electric/acoustic ukulele, electric violin and more. Both the transmitter and receiver sport a sleek design that complements the Spark style and will blend in with any instrument or amp.

Use Spark LINK anywhere with its built-in, rechargeable battery that runs for up to 6 hours on a single charge. The battery can be powered up on the go with the included USB charging cable.

Price and availibility: Spark LINK is available for pre-order for USD $129.
More info:  Positivegrid.com/products/spark-link
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