Polymoog Inspired Synth From XILS Labs Sounds Fantastic, Coming Soon

XILS Labs are teasing us with their upcoming POLY synth plugin. The POLYM is inspired by the classic Polymoog synthesizer and what strikes us is how good it sounds. Check out the video below.  

Thanks to our friends at SonicState for this one. XILS Labs have announced (somewhat) the soon to be released PolyM. This is a virtual synth inspired by the original Polymoog.

We don't have clear cut details yet and will need to wait until the press release. But check out the preview video below. It simply sounds excellent. Really impressive. Lots of character.

According to SonicState, "The PolyM offers two divided-down oscillators providing 71 voices each one with two envelope generators, one filter, one VCA and Pulse Width Modulation. It has a zero-delay 24db ladder filter, controlled by the keyboard or a dedicated LFO sine or Sample and Hold waveform. The PolyM also offers two additional filter banks, plenty of modulation, effects and presets, while keeping the original character of the original."

Stay tuned. We'll have more info about this glorious instrument as soon as we get it.




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