Polyend Updates Medusa Synth To V1.1 - New Software Tools, MIDI Menu And More

The collaboration between Polyend and Dreadbox that produced Medusa goes from strength to strength with a new free firmware update adding a bunch of new features. Here's the lowdown.  

Polyend, developers of innovative MIDI sequencing software and hardware, have released a v1.1 Medusa Firmware update for their hardware collaboration with Dreadbox.

The new firmware adds a software tool for more convenient flashing
and the ability to dump/load presets. Besides giving the users an option to
save their presets, the plan is to release Medusa presets packs made by
recognized artists.

Medusa firmware update v1.1 update features

  • Redesigned initial auto-calibration function.
  • New MIDI menu (full bilateral MIDI input/output implementation - including transport, clock, CC communicates & MIDI channels).
  • The Grid MPE functionality is now enabled for controlling external gear.
  • MIDI channel per voice option. Control, play and sequence each of Medusa's voices on a separate MIDI channel form 1 to 6 (fixed mode) with external MIDI gear (this works in P2 mode only. When this function is toggled on the Medusa pads won't play polyphonically).
  • The Live recording mode is now enabled.
  • Notes and Chords are being transposed in a chosen musical scale.
  • Shortcuts for targeting the ENV to LFO and LFO to LFO rate, wave and amount.
  • Edit the step values while the sequencer is running.
  • You can now transpose your sequences while they're running by pressing and holding the hold button and indicating the root note on the pads.
  • Note sustain mode when the Hold button is lit (great for drones).
  • Two new Grid layouts including "guitar" layout which resembles a classic guitar tune.
  • All the necessary bugfixes.

Check out a demo video of the new drones capability:

Link to update:

More about Medusa: http://polyend.com/medusa-hybrid-synthesizer/

Learn more about hardware synthesis and sequencing: https://ask.audio/academy?nleloc=new-releases

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