Polyend Tracker Teaser Video: Watch It In Action

If you're even a tiny bit interested in the Polyend Tracker this is the video you're going to want to watch. One minute of Tracker in action, making sounds, music, tracking and editing audio.  

Polyend are bringing interesting and innovative methodologies to the modern music maker. In their highly anticipated, upcoming Tracker hardware, there appears to be a lot to like and still some "aces up their sleeves".

Here's the latest video of Polyend Tracker a whole week before the official announcement / launch. This video shows off the Tracker in use enough to make us salivate right here and now!

There was an accidental / planned leak recently that have given the music journos a field day in guessing the exact features and capabilities of this standalone tracker from Polyend. Here's some of the things we think we know already...

Known / Presumed Polyend Tracker Features

  • Standalone hardware audio workstation (yes, for you to complete a song from start to finish)
  • Inspired by composition software from 90s computers like the Amiga XT, Commodore 64, etc.
  • Built-in sampler 
  • Audio Editor
  • Built-in sequencer / tracker
  • Synthesizer wit FM synthesis
  • MIDI compatible
  • Battery or power-supply operated make it portable!


The full reveal, including pricing and full spec and details will be hitting the world on Wednesday 18 March 2020. Stay tuned. We're excited and we'd be surprised if you weren't surprised after their excellent past offerings such as Medusa (with Dreadbox) and Seq (the multi-talented hardware sequencer).




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It will cost €1000

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