Polyend Teases New Music Hardware Instrument With Another Intriguing Video

There will be more to see and hear of this machine in the future. In the meantime here's the second teaser video of the upcoming instrument from Polyend.  

Polyend have released a second video teasing their upcoming new instrument. It's difficult to say what it is exactly. After the first video we were thinking this could a synth or instrument machine with granular, sampling and sequencing capabilities... perhaps there's a drum machine built in...so it could have groovebox abilities also.

There's appears to be a large circular knob sugesting an interesting way to control a variety of audio parameters. There are blurry, flashing lights that might be found on some kind of sequencer. We know Polyend are no strangers to creating cool sequencers... like SEQ! 

Here's the first teaser video:

So what this instrument actually is isn't clear yet, but if nothing else it's going to be intruiging. In fact, we feel, with Polyend's track record with SEQ and Medusa in particular, it'll be a creative, powerful and accessible machine for music makers.

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Available: We expect Polyend to announce this new machine this month.

Price: unknown

Web: https://polyend.com



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