Polyend SEQ Video Review: One Sequencer To Rule Them All?

If you desire an 8-track, 32-step hardware sequencer for your DAW, plugins, hardware synths, and even eurorack modular system, the Polyend SEQ may be on you radar. Loopop reviews it in this video.  

Our friend, Loopop, has shot an impressive video review of the Polyend SEQ and POLY. We're big fans of the Polyend SEQ - there's so much it can do, even more than we think Loopop was able to show in the video.

The most obvious feature of Polyend's SEQ sequencer is the 8-track, 32-step grid, along with a great looking aluminum and oak exterior. However, the abundance of control and charm come at a steep price. Is it worth it? 

In this video Loopop gives a thorough in depth look at SEQ, and it's companion MIDI to CV eurorack module POLY, testing the sequencing of  hardware, modular and software instruments.

On the software side, sequencing is quite simple. SEQ can send MIDI data via USB and supports sequencing on 16 separate MIDI channels, nicely controlling Spitfire Audio's Albion One orchestra.

On the hardware side, Loopop tests SEQ's ability to simultaneously sequence standalone synths and eurorack modules using its companion POLY module. Using all three outputs - USB and two MIDI ports - SEQ is able to orchestrate the Novation Circuit, Elektron Digitone, Moog Mother-32 and DFAM, and Plaits from Mutable Instruments, with many channels to spare.

Polyend's POLY eurorack MIDI to CV module works nicely as well, both complementing SEQ and as a standalone module. In the video I show how it can be used to play the three oscillators on Mother-32 and DFAM polyphonically.

SEQ emphasizes simplicity over features. Advanced sequencers such as those in Elektron machines have a longer checklist of features, but there's something about the broad view of multiple patterns at once, sprinkled with a few nifty tricks for quick and easy sequencing,  that creates a very compelling environment for live performance. 

SEQ Price: £1,099

POLY Price: £399

Web: http://polyend.com/seq-sequencer/ 

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