Polyend Releases Seq MIDI Sequencer 2.0

The latest free update for one of the best hardware MIDI sequencers available is here. SEQ 2.0 is chock full of practical and useful new features.  

We saw the BETA version of SEQ 2.0 a month back. Now the latest firmware version has been released in the wild for this hardware MIDI sequencer and brings with it a bunch of really nice new features. There's also the expected fixes and improvements.

The 2.0 update adds new tempo per track functionality and is very popular with cats.

Here's the full list of what's new in this 8-track, hardware sequencer:

SEQ 2.0 Updates

  • New Tempo knob functionality. Used with a track button gives an access to a per-track tempo divider/multiplier, MIDI channel input, MIDI channel output, MIDI output source (two last positions moved from the Note knob section).
  • The start button resets the cue point for all the tracks.
  • Added per track step retrigger - click and hold down the Move knob and indicate the step/s on a track/s you want to retrigger from.
  • New rolls behaviour, they work on the whole length of a step now.
  • Added new roll Velocity Curve - Random.
  • Added roll Note Curve - each step in the roll's length will trigger notes in a scale set to the particular track - Flat, Inc, Dec, Inc-Dec, Dec-Inc, Random.

SEQ 2.0 Fixes

  • Toggle on/off of a step with roll attached won't lose the roll parameter anymore.
  • All the previous user reported bugs are now removed.
  • The increased refresh rate for the incoming MIDI signals.
  • Unstable behaviour while on an external MIDI clock in the first phrase was fixed.

And here's a video showing the features of SEQ 2.0 while it was still in BETA:

SEQ owners can download the 2.0 update for free here: http://polyend.com/firmware-update/

Those interested in SEQ should check out this review: https://ask.audio/articles/polyend-seq-video-review-one-sequencer-to-rule-them-all

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