Playing Back Mixdowns of iOS GarageBand Projects on your iOS Device

It's impossible to easily playback your mixes from GarageBand for iOS on your iOS device, right? Wrong! Mike Watkinson shows you some workarounds to share your iOS mixes with the world.  

iOS does not yet have an audio equivalent to the Camera Roll. Until it does, the choice of where to share your mixed down GarageBand projects can make them slightly tricky to access. It is important to be aware of the limitations of each method, in case you need to access them in any situation. So when you mix down your GarageBand project on your iOS device, where should you put it?

Option 1 - Upload to SoundCloud (or FaceBook, or YouTube)

GarageBand's Share menu.

GarageBand's Share menu.

  • Tap the Share button in GarageBand.
  • Choose SoundCloud - this will mix down your project and upload an .m4a file.
  • Enter your SoundCloud login details.

This is a great solution, but only if you know that you will always have Wi-Fi (or 3G) access. This is not always the case however especially when you're travelling, and when offline, your mixes will remain frustratingly out of reach.

Option 2 - Share via iTunes

This is a useful option, but only if you have a Mac attached to your iOS device.

  • Tap the Share button in GarageBand
  • Choose Share Song Via iTunes
Exporting to iTunes.

Exporting to iTunes.

  • Tap the iTunes option - this will mix down your project and create an m4a file.
  • The files appear in iTunes (on your Mac) in the File Sharing window (select your iOS device in iTunes and click the Apps tab).
  • Save the file to your Mac.
  • Add the file from your Mac to your iTunes music library and re-sync your iPad.

Option 3 - '

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