Play This Roland 909 Drum Machine Emulation In Your Browser

Why use your web browser to read about or buy a second-hand 909 Rhythm Composer when you can play one? Well, HTML-909 is a good 909 emulator. It's free and it's online.  

Remember when your web browser was used to read articles and access your email? Then came the ability to download large files, stream video and audio and other wonderful consumption processes. Now, of course, HTML5 (and Flash) mean that the once humble browser can be a music making platform with full interactivity and even MIDI back and forth.

And, should you be snuggling in from the cold on this Christmas eve with a desire to get all TR-909 but can’t tear your self away from your computer screen, Finnish developer Teemu Kallio’s HTML-909 is going to float your drum machine boat.

You can program 4 patterns over 4 tracks, save and load patterns. This beat sequencer kinda does what you expect it’ll do. It looks and sounds great. The name is appropriate, and it’s fun. So dig in and enjoy!

Oh and if you're in Safari, try moving to another tab while it's playing to hear a glitched up or slowed down version of your pattern. Not an intended feature, but one I quite enjoy!


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