Pittsburgh Modular Tease New Modular Synth / Eurorack / Music Machine

I admit it, but we don't actually know what this new thing from Pittsburgh Modular is. What we do know is it's coming in August 2016, has some impressively shiny knobs and a fairly deep case...  

In case you needed ANOTHER synth teaser this month, Pittsburgh Modular are here to oblige with this craftily shot photo of something coming out of their labs, which shows just enough to get us excited and not enough so we know anything more about it. Well, it's called a teaser for a reason!

In their post of this particularly teasing picture from their Instagram account, Pittsburgh Modular have used the following hashtags:  #eurorack #modularsynth #synth

While this might tell us what we already know, to some degree, it doesn’t reveal what this new eurorack synth module is, and more importantly what it’ll do. I keep trying to peer over the top of the sides in vain hope that the photo is 3D. It’s not.

August is coming soon, so we’ll surely have more news soon…


August... stay tuned #eurorack #modularsynth #synth

A photo posted by Pittsburgh Modular (@pghmodular) on

August... stay tuned #eurorack #modularsynth #synth You can follow Pittsburgh Modular on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/pghmodular/

But, if you have any ideas what this new synthesizer-related piece of gear is, drop us a comment below. Predictions may not win prizes, but they do win kudos!

Stay tuned to AskAudio and we’ll bring you more news about this new “thing” as soon as we know more.

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