Pittsburgh Modular Double Helix Oscillator: Not Your Average Oscillator!

This complex matrix oscillator from Pittsburgh Modular does things that'll make other oscillator modules jealous. Here's more about it and demos of it in action at Superbooth 2017.  

At Superbooth 2017 we stopped by the Pittsburgh Modular booth and got a really great overview and demo of their freshly available Lifeforms series Double Helix oscillator.

Richard from Pittsburgh Modular talks about their Lifeforms range, which has become very popular, and in particular the Double Helix Oscillator. This is a 2-oscillator module that is so powerful it's almost a synth voice on its own. In essence, Double Helix is a modular waveform generator.

The core of the Double Helix is based on the low pass gate of the original Buchla circuitry, but Pittsburgh Modular have re-engineered the secret additional ingredient, a vactro, for a completely analog design that allows for very short decays or very long decays when you want them. You could think of it as an added envelope.

Price: $449

Web: http://pittsburghmodular.com/lifeforms-double-helix-oscillator

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