Pitch Drift: A Gift from Baby Audio

Baby Audio released a freebie every year since forming the company, each as a single-purpose tool derived from one of our premium plugins. This year, they introduce Pitch Drift.

Pitch Drift by Baby Audio

Pitch Drift is a free plugin by Baby Audio. It introduces pitch fluctuations to make your tracks feel more organic and natural. The effect ranges from subtle instabilities that make your instruments sound less sterile to intense pitch drifting that will make your tracks clearly out of tune.

Pitch Drift


Pitch Drift lets you control the depth and speed of the fluctuations in a simple interface (hover over the screen to control the speed). It is powered by the "Drift" algorithm in Baby Audio's Super VHS plugin and offers the same natural and pleasing fluctuation effect.

Inspired by Real Instruments

One of the appeals of acoustic instruments is that they are never 100% in tune 100% of the time. These subtle pitch instabilities compound when you bring multiple instruments together in a mix – making the music sound richer and more dynamic.

However, in the computer-era this concept is often lost. Pitch Drift makes it fast and easy to break the spell of digital pitch perfection and get your tracks to vibrate a little more. It generally works best at subtle levels on sustained tonal instruments or entire mix busses. As a rule of thumb, the less sustained your source is, the faster you want the speed parameter to be set.

You can download Pitch Drift here, and while you're there check out Baby Audio's other freebies!

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